10 Little Habits that Steal Your Happiness

What you do repeatedly is what you become and what forms your life. Whether it’s in the career field or in happiness field of life. your habits play an important role in it.
Here are 10 little habits that you might ignore but which steal your happiness.

1. Comparing your life with other’s life.

A little habit which keeps you unhappy is of comparing your life with others. You compare almost everything with what others have. If they have an expensive iPhone, and you have a cheap one, you’ll start feeling unhappy about yourself. If they have a lot of friends, you’ll feel jealous.
Happiness is not about how much you have, it’s about how satisfied you are with what you have. I have seen people living in big houses, but still are sad, and people living in small rooms, but still happy.
“A minimal life is a happy life. Less is more.”

2. Too much caring about others opinion.

What should I wear today? Should I wear this? But what will others react to it, it’s so old-fashioned! Am I looking bad? Are others gonna make fun of me?
I bet at least one of these thoughts above came into your mind every day. And this is another little habit which steals your happiness. You care too much about others opinion and in this process, you forget what you truly want to do and become a puppet of others thinking.
I have just one question for you. Does it really matter what others think about you? I mean does it really gonna make some changes in your life, if they didn’t like your clothes or something else? Does it really matter that you stopped doing the thing that you loved most, just because of thinking about others opinion?
I didn’t think so.

3. Overthinking about small things.

It’s great to overthink when the problem is really bad. It’s better to look up at the things that could happen to you if things went wrong. But what’s the purpose of overthinking about every small thing, which doesn’t even have a wrong impact?
Seriously, are you wasting your time on overthinking things? It’s hard for me to do all my work in 24 hours a day and you’re wasting your time on this stupid thing, called “overthinking.”
Didn’t wanna talk much about this stupid thing in this post. I have written a complete blog post regarding how you can stop overthinking on my blog. You can read that article from here: How to stop being an overthinker

4. Regretting about past.

How stupid it is to regretting about those things which you have done in past! Regretting doesn’t gonna change your decisions or actions. All you can do now is just learn from those mistakes, take experience, not regret and move on into a bright future.
Holding on to the past, to the old memories, didn’t give you anything, except pain and sorrow. Don’t act childish. Accept the reality and move on.
Here’s is an article that I have written before, where I have to write down all those lessons which I have learned when I move on from my past: 5 Important Lessons I Learned When I Move on From Past This will gonna help you to move on from past, believe me.

5. Expecting too much from others.

Why should we expect anything from others, if what we need is all within us? This is what you should ask yourself. I have seen most people expect too much from others. They think that the key to their happiness is in others hand and that’s why they keep relying on others to make them happy.
Do you really think that you need others to make you happy?
I didn’t think this at all. I believe that we didn’t need anyone to make us happy. Happiness is in us, all we have to do is just to find that. A happy life doesn’t come when everyone tries to make you happy, it comes when you decided to be happy on your own terms.
Happiness and success, it all comes from our mindset. What we think we become. And this is what you need to learn. Change your mindset and your life will gonna change completely.
Here’s an article I have written before on how one can be happy when he is all alone, you can read it for some little inspiration: How to Be Happy When You Are All Alone

6. Waiting for the right moment.

I will do it, but let the right moment come. I will start doing it from tomorrow. I want to do it, but things are not in my favor, let the right moment come.
I bet you can relate these lines with your own life. And this is what keeping you unsuccessful and stealing your happiness. Waiting for the right moment is just like waiting for an airplane at the train station.
The right moment is not gonna come to you, nor it exists in this world. The right time is now. Believe me or not, but your time is now, and you’ll gonna regret about it later if you miss this shot. Do not wait for the right moment to come, instead make this time as your best.

7. Trying to make big difference all at once.

Do you really think you can impact the whole world all at once? Do you really think you can make big differences all at once?
Big differences, big achievements take a lot of time, a lot of patience and a lot of hard work. So, if you think you’ll make big differences all at once, you’re totally wrong. You’ve to start from scratch and have to go through from small.
This is what you can relate to your social media followings, like Instagram. You cannot just have a huge following like Garyvee, Tai Lopez in one day. You have to start from zero at the very beginning, just like me. (My Instagram: Nightowl.Quotes) 😊

8. Always hungry for more.

Hunger is somewhat needed to be successful in life, but always staying hungry for more, is the cause of our sadness and it’s the thing which steals our happiness.
Its like, you have an iPhone 8, and then iPhone X comes up. You start hating your old iPhone 8 and wishing to have that iPhone X. This not gonna do anything else, but it only costs your happiness and your money as well (in some cases).😊
Hunger for knowledge is important, hunger for being successful than yesterday is important. But satisfaction is also important to be happy in life. So, make sure you manage a good combo of these two in your life.

9. Living among negative voices.

Our surroundings matter a lot on what we think and affect our mindset. If your surroundings are filled with negativity, you’ll too start thinking and acting like them. So, it’s better to stay away from these negative voices.
You should never listen to what people are saying about you, especially if they are saying sh*t and spreading negativity. Unless it won’t help you or grow you, don’t listen to it. Instead of falling into this sea of negativity, get out from it, stay away from it and be positive and stay optimistic.

10. Holding on to someone who is hurting you.

Didn’t know why but I saw most people run behind them who constantly hurt them. They said it love, but I think this is sh*t. If there is love between them, then instead of hurting each other, they will support each other and make each other happy.
It makes no sense to run behind someone who didn’t want you in their life, or who repeatedly hurts you. I mean if they didn’t want to make you happy, then they are not meant for you.
You can live without them, they are not oxygen. Similarly, you didn’t them to be happy. You can be happy on your own.

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