How to Forget the Past ? (Move on from your past and lead to a better future)

by - April 23, 2017

move on from your past

So are you too one of them who stuck to their past?
You tried our best but didn't able to move on from past?
You hate your past memories and want to get rid of them?
In this post, I will teach you how you can forget your past and can live in the present.
Before getting started I want to make it clear to you that it is not a one minute or one night job, to overcome your past. You have to stay consistent.
So let's get started.

So how one can move on from his past?

Let me tell you my story. How I forget the worst memories of my past. It doesn’t happen at sudden. But an incident happens in my life, that change my way of thinking.

I felt so sad. I didn’t want to live anymore, I didn't want to be happy. I felt so sad inside. For the world I am happy, but inside me, I was so broken and so sad. About some six months later, I fed up with this past. In those six months, I have done my all to forget that past but didn’t succeed in it.

One day I read a story and that really inspires me a lot. Let me tell you that story.

There were two friends. One of them was very sad. Then to make him happy, his friend tells a joke to him. That friend laughs. After some time, he again cracks that same joke, his friend laughs a little. And the third time, he cracks that same joke, then his friend said that what has happened to you? How can one laugh at a single joke, it is now boring. This joke is now old. This is now expired.

Then the other friend said, same you could not laugh at a single joke on multiple time, how could you be sad on a single incident for multiple times.
This story punches my mind and my thinking in a very positive way.
After that day, I never thought about my past. Now I just focus on my future goals. And yes, I am happy now. Happy as never been before.
But it is not that only if this story helps me, it will also help you. Yeah! some will find it useful, but some will not.
So for those who didn't find it useful, I will give you some tips which will work surely and will gonna help you.

1. Keep yourself busy. 

Forget the past

An empty mind is a home of problems. When you just waste your free time in doing nothing or doing some irrelevant work, that will never gonna help you to do anything better.
And when you are free, that's the time when you probably think about your past and your mistakes that you have made in your past or life.
And believe me if you do so, you will never going to succeed in life. Thinking about your past, cannot change that. A past is unchanged.
Yes, I believe that to forget that completely is not an easy task. But you can do a simple trick. Instead of trying to forget your past, try to divert your mind to other things. This will surely help you.
Now you might be thinking that how I can divert my mind?
Believe me its a very easy task. You just have to do some simple things.
Do the things which you love. Do the things of your passion. This will divert your mind, and also helps you to become perfect in those things, which will help you in future.

2. Set a Goal.

Decide a aim of life

You might be thinking that we already have our own goals, our aim of life.
But now my question is, did you really work hard to accomplish them?
Answer honestly.
Because if we really want to do something, we work hard for that. We work consistently for that. Then it doesn't matter what has happened to us in our past, we didn't care about that.
So it is very important to set an aim of life.
Because without an aim, we didn't want to get out from our comfort zone.
Yes, a comfort zone is a beautiful place. But remember, nothing ever grows there.

3. Do not try to impress others.

Express not impress

Did you know that half of the people tries to impress others and if they fail in it, they just stuck to it and could not live a happy life?
Adopt this simple rule in life, "Never ever try to impress other." Because those who like you will accept you for what you are, instead of what you pretend to be.
People like real persons, instead of fake.
You are not born to impress others, you are born to express.
Express but not try to impress.
Yes, some will hate you. But hey, it is better to get a love for a fake personality which you are not.
I think hate is far better than fake love.

4. Respect Yourself.


Never ever lose your self-respect. Your self-respect is more important than anyone else.
Self-respect is something that can create or destroy your personality.
What you do, do that with confidence and self-respect.
People only respect those, who respect themselves.
Never do something by which you have to lose your self-respect or have to regret at the end.
Why I am talking about it?
Because I know many of us do something by which we have to lose our self-respect, just to recover our past wounds. But what happens? Instead of recovery of past wounds, we create new wounds by losing our self-respect.
Be brave. Be confident. Respect yourself.
“Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it is called present.”

Hope it will help you. If you still have any questions or queries, you can ask down on below comment section.

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