How to Forget Someone: 5 tips that Actually Work

by - May 02, 2018

How to Block Someone from Your Mind
Have you loved someone so much and they left you for a shitty reason? Do you still feel the same about them as you were used to feel? 

Well, let me assume your situation. You have tried your best but unable to get rid of their memories! You have done almost every single thing that you can even think of to get rid of their thoughts but they are still in your head?

You just want to get your ex, your loved one out from your head but don’t know how you can do it!

You only want to live a happy life, but their picture comes up every time in your mind? You want to get rid of your ex-memories but didn’t figure out how you can do it?

If so, then this post is going to be very helpful for you. In this post, I will give you some tips which will help you to get rid of those painful memories and to forget your ex, your loved ones.

5 Most Effective Tips to Forget Someone Easily:

1. Do not try to solve things.

You can't just forget them, or get them out from your head if you keep looking up for some ways to solve things out. Believe me or not, but solving things isn't an option.

If they've hurt you once and didn't even apologize for it, chances are they gonna do the same again.

So, why should give them a second chance?

Don't you think it's going to be a big mistake?

So, the first thing you should have to do to get them out of your head is, do not try to solve things.

Instead of running behind them, let them go. Remember, if someone loves you he/she will come back to you. No matter what the situation is. If they didn’t come back then understand it that maybe they were not made for you.

"Don't be confused to love them who didn't appericiate your efforts." -Manish Kumar

2. Understand that your self-respect is more important.

I have just one simple question for you, do you really think that they are simply above and more important from your self-respect?

Don't be silly. They're not. And if you think it that they then believe me you're a fool. Sorry to say, but you're.

Don't get confused with self-respect and ego. These two are totally different terms.

When you care yourself, think about your own self first, its called self-respect. But ego is your own opinion about yourself. Ego is when you consider yourself above from everyone else.

I have seen it many times that people get confused with self-respect and ego and think that caring about their own selves is ego or selfishness.

You should never let someone be so comfortable to disrespect you.

Raise your standards, respect yourself first. Never do something for someone by which you may lose your self-respect. Understand the fact that if someone loves you and wants to be with you, then they make efforts, not excuses. They will protect you, instead of disrespecting you.

“Who cannot respect yourself, how he/she can love you?”

3. Keep yourself busy in other activities

Do not spend all your time in your ex-memories. Don’t be sad all the time. I know in beginning it's hard to forget someone whom you used to love. But hey, do you want to live in that pain for forever?

No right!

So, you should have to take this step. It's hard in begining, but not impossible. You'll be happy. Happy as you never been before. You just have to keep going.

Keep yourself busy in doing those works which you love. It can be your hobby, it can be your favorite sport, or something else. Note down all those things which you love to do and do them. This will help you to stay relaxed and feel happy.

4. Cut Off Communication

If you're relationship once broked up, then there it makes no sense to still communicate with them. If you still want to communicate, then you will never be able to get rid of those love feelings. You must have to cut off the communication first.

Again just think it in this way that if they didn't care about you, they didn't want to talk with you, then why the hell are you going behind them? 

If you think about it, it seriously makes no sense.

Ignore them and cut off the communication. Try to communicate with your other friends, your family members instead of talking to them. And you'll forget them in couple of days or weeks.

5. Work for your goals.

If you think that when you got broked up with your loved once, then your life is over, then believe me you're so fuckin wrong. 

When I have my breakup then instead of running behind her, crying behind this, I utilize the time to set up life goals and work towards them

And this is what I want you to do.

Instead of running behind them, instead of wasting time rememberin them, decide or set up your life goals and work towards them.

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