Never Give Up: Effective Tips on How to Never Give Up

by - May 02, 2017

tips for never give up

Every one wants to become successful.
Everyone has their own goals and aims in life.
Everyone has something to achieve.
Are you too one of them who have decided their aim or goal and now ready or on the way to achieve that?
If you are on the way you might face a situation of giving up. It is a situation when you feel like quitting everything and think to start of doing something else.
In this situation, you probably think that you are not capable to do that thing or to achieve your goal.
What if I say you are capable to achieve your dreams and you can do it?
Believe me or not! But everything is possible for everyone. This is just a game of hard work and consistent mind.
Seems to be so easy!
Yes, it is easy. But the condition is that you must have to give your 100% to your work.
In this post, I will give you some effective tips which will help you to stay motivated and will help you to look forward.
Before getting started let me tell you a story.

KAROLY TAKACS (Man with the Only Hand).

Inspirational story

In 1938, there is a man whose name is Karoly Takacs. He was a soldier of Hungarian army and he was the best pistol shooter of that country. He won all the national tournaments in that country. Whole country has a huge hope on him that he will get a gold medal for them in the 1940 Olympic. He too has aim to won gold medal for his country.
He practiced of years to achieve his dream. He only focuses on his aim of winning gold for his country. He wanted to be best. He wants to be the best pistol shooter in the world.
But in 1938, in an army training session, an accident happened. A hand grenade explodes in his hand. It was that hand by which he shoots. Unfortunately, he lost his hand.
Now he was completely broken by inside. Because all his dreams now end. He was very depressed.
He only has two ways; one he could go somewhere and live simply away from people.
or second he can stick to its dream and work hard to achieve that.
So, what did he do?
He didn’t focus on what happened to him, what he has lost! He focuses on his goal. Instead of thinking about what he lost, he focuses on what he has.
And what did he have?
A left hand. A hand by which he can’t even write properly.
After the treatment of one month, he started training for his left hand.
In 1939, After a training of one year, he came back.
It was the time of national championship in Hungry. There were many shooters come in that tournament.
They congratulate him, they salute him and said this is called sportsmanship. That even after that incident you came here to watch us, to support us.
(No one knows that he is training in the last one year for his left hand.)
And he replied smilingly, I am not here to support you, I am here to compete with you. Get ready.
The competition begins.
All other shooters are competing with their best hand, but he is competing with his only hand.
Guess who won?
The man with the only hand won. J
But he didn’t stop here. His aim was clear. His aim was to make this hand world best shooting hand. He put all his concentrate on 1940's Olympic
But due to World War, 1940’s Olympic was canceled.
What did he do?
He just put all his concentration and focuses on 1944’s Olympics.
But what happened?
1944’s Olympics was also canceled due to World War.
Now, what did he do? Did he give up?
No, he put all his focus on 1948’s Olympics. J
In 1938 his age was 28 years and in 1948’s he became of 38 years old.
And as per the age passes it is difficult to compete with younger players, but did he stop? No, there is no word like difficult in his life.
He went to 1948’s Olympics.
 Shooters were come there from all over the world.
Everyone are competing with their best hand, but he was competing with his only hand.
And guess who won?
Yes, the man with the only hand. J
But he didn’t stop there.
1952’s Olympics, he again competes.
And guess who won gold this time?
Yes! The man with the only hand.
He made in history in Olympics. In this competition, no athlete has won continuously two gold medals.
He put the words, “never give up” to his life.
His story can simply tells us that, nothing is impossible if you have a focused aim and consistent mind.
“Hard work always pays off.”

Tips to Overcome from Giving Up:

If you are still looking for some ways or tips which will help you to overcome from giving up, which will take you out from the situation of giving up, here are they.
Here are some simple and effective tips which will surely help you to move forward and never give up.

1.     Fewer Expectations.

Never ever give up
Yes, you read it right. Fewer expectations.
How it will help you?
If you expect more and work less, you will get nothing but only disappointment. Yes, I agreed expectations are important, but hard work is worth more important than it.
Suppose you are planning to do something and you expect the best results that you will get out from it. But sadly, what happens?
You fail in that work. you get very less from what you have expected. You will be going to feel very sad and depressed.
This is what expectations do for us. Expectations always hurt.
So instead of expecting the best results, focus on your hard work.
Work hard and you will surely get the best results.
Hard work always pays off.

2.   Nobody’s Perfect.
Practice hard
What happen if you failed once? What happen if you failed twice?
If you have an aim, focus on that and work hard until you accomplish that. Only this is the way which can lead you to success.
Failures are just there to make you better.
And always remember nobody is perfect and nobody is born a master. They work hard to reach that stage in life.
Whom you see today as a master of his subject, he was also a learner in his past.
Did they fail in their practice?
Yes! Of Course, they failed multiple times. But think if they stop when they failed, did they reach at this level on which they are today? Did they become what they are now if they stop?
No. Success is not how many times you fail. Success is how hard you practiced and look beyond from your failures.

3.   Prove the World Wrong.
Believe in yourself
The world is full of those peoples who will say, “you can’t do it.”
What you should do?
You must prove them wrong.  
The only work of those peoples is to bring you or drag you down. They are just jealous of your success.
As Sandeep Maheshwari says, “when people are talking about you, you are on a right track.”
Ignore those people who say you can’t do it. And shut up their mouth by proving them wrong.
“Work hard, because sometimes actions mean a lot where words mean nothing.”
4.   Give your 100%
Expect less work more
Whatever you do, do it with your 100%.
Whenever you feel like quitting, just think once did you give your 100%
Keep working hard and be the better version of yourself. Remember if someone else can do it, then you can also do it. You can even do it much better.
We all know that life is full of ups and downs and one must go through it. At some point in life, there must come a situation when you must take the right decision.
What is that right decision?
A decision which makes you a better person. A decision which makes you achieve your goals, not to regret your past.
Life is a book of chapters. Some chapters are good, some are bad. But if you just stuck to the bad chapters and never turn the page up, you will never know what is in the next chapter.
“Spending today complaining about yesterday won’t make tomorrow any better.”

5.    Think why you Started.
Never quit
Whenever you feel like quitting, think once why you started.
This simple thought can motivate you much better than any other thing.
If you want to achieve something, some failure, some mistakes should not affect you.
You should keep your head up and feet to ground and work hard instead of quitting, instead of giving up.
Remember life is full of opportunities and chances. If one door is closed for you, find or create another door.
Who fails in life?
Only those peoples who give up.
Success is not for quitters; it is for those who can achieve that.
Work hard, work consistently and make your dreams come true.
All your struggles, your hard work, all the sad moments you face are a part of your success journey.
“Difficult roads often leads to beautiful destination.”

never give up

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