How to Stay Focused on Aim: 2 Powerful Habits

Getting distracted by their aim is something very common in people. Do read this post to know how you can stay focused on your aim. … Read More >How to Stay Focused on Aim: 2 Powerful Habits


“Success doesn’t come what you do occasionally, but from what you do consistently.”

If you really want to become successful, your mind should be focused on your aim.
If you think that you will do some hard work today and you will be free for the rest of the life, then you are totally wrong.
If you want to reach the top and really want to be on the top, then you should give all your dedication, willingness, and hard work towards your work/aim.
Don’t get desperate if your hard work doesn’t pay you today, believe me, it will pay you one day but only if you stay focused on your work.
I know sometimes our mind get distracted and we lost in our thoughts and forget to work.
This is something I have struggled a lot in the past. But over the years I have found a few things that really help me with this.

1. Remember why you are taking actions.

“Nothing can motivate you more other than yourself.” –Manish Kumar
This can be the most powerful force for you to keep you working.
Find your top priorities and reason for why you are doing what you are doing.
Always keep in mind your aim and the reason why you are doing it, it will motivate you to do things even better and to do more hard work.
When there is only your aim traveling here and there in your mind then you will see the difference yourself. Your mind will direct you automatically to do more hard work.
But I know it’s easy to say and hard to do. Our mind can easily be distracted.
So, for this purpose, you can do these things. These will surely help you.
  *Write down your most important reason. Take a piece of paper or sheet and write down your most important reason for why are you doing what you are doing.
  *Place that paper in a place where you can see that every day. Now place that paper or sheet on which you have written your most important reason in a place where you can see it every day.
So, that every time when you will see that paper, it will hit your mind and will going to remember the reason for your hard work.

2. Take small steps on some days.

There is nothing wrong when you choose to take small steps on some days.
You can take small steps on some days when the big ones seem to be so daunting. But don’t get too comfortable with this approach.
It doesn’t mean that you only take only small steps. One day you must have to take big steps too, but on some days, you can take small steps.
Sometimes the big steps seem to be so daunting, so terrified that we can’t dare to take them.
For this purpose, you can do some certain things like,
  *You can cut down a big work to small pieces.
  *Dedicate time to each piece of work.
  *Take short breaks between your works.
Everyone has fears. Some have fear of hard work, some have fear of failure. But do you think the man on the top may ever be reached there if he didn’t overcome his fear!
“Instead of running away from your fears, face them.” –Manish Kumar
Hope these two habits will going to affect your life as these affect mine. If you too have any habit or trick which you think might be helpful for others, you can tell that in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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