5 Common Habits Which are Keeping You Unhappy

by - October 16, 2017

From over the past few years, I have realized that there are some common habits in people which are keeping them unhappy and always drags them down.

It’s not that all people have the same kind of issues, they have same problems. But there are some habits which are very common in almost all people and sometimes these habits are the main cause of their unhappiness, these habits are the reason of ruining their mood.

In this post, I would like to share these habits in front of you so that you can too compare to these with yourself. I will also give my suggestions on what to do instead of these to become happy and positive.

5 Common Habits Which are Keeping You Unhappy

1. Overthinking about small things.

No doubt in it. This is the most common and very usual habit I saw in people.

“Overthinking is the art of creating problems that even don’t exist.”

I saw many people who overthink about small things. And it keeps them unhappy and frustrated.

Thinking of taking an action is wise, but overthinking before taking every single step is foolishness.

So, how you can stop overthinking?

You can try these things:

1. Live in today, not in tomorrow.

2. Instead of thinking, start working.

3. Get rid of negative thoughts and negative people.

4. Realize it that you can’t control everything.

5. Distract your mind in another (right) direction.

If you are still suffering from this habit, here is a book that you must read: Declutter Your Mind: How to Stop Worrying, Relieve Anxiety, and Eliminate Negative Thinking It will completely change your mind and way of thinking.

2. Expect too much.

Did you know what is the motto of life?

“Fewer Expectations, More Work.” -Manish Kumar

But what other people do? They do just its opposite. They will do some work and hoping for the best result. (Maybe you can relate it to yourself)

Expectations meet reality when we put efforts in our work. But if you keep expecting the best results from doing nothing or from doing very little, then you can realize the result yourself.

This is what everyone needs to know.

Expectations just drag you down and make you unhappy.

So, what should you do?

“Instead of expecting, start working and make it happen.”

I think this single line is enough to describe what should you do.

3. Wants to control everything.

Another common habit which I saw most of the time is people wants to control everything. I mean they just want to take control over the things which they can’t even control.

Some want to control other people live, some even want to control or change their past J.

I think you can too relate these things to your own life.

Do you really think you can control everything?

It’s not a fairy tale, it is real life. Here “miracles happen only to those who work for them, not for those who wish for them.” -Manish Kumar

So, what should you do?

Instead of trying to taking control over everything, let it go. It’s the only way you can find peace and happiness.

“Learn the art of letting go and you will never regret anything.” -Manish Kumar

4. Comparing yourself and your life to others and their lives.

Another very common and very destructive habit is comparing yourself and your life to others and their lives.

You compare your cars, houses, results, money, shoes, clothes and so on. And whenever someone gets something good than you, you feel down. You feel like you have nothing.

Do you really think if you got something great than another person than you will be happy?

If you think so then you are totally wrong. Things, money, the property won’t give you happiness unless you get satisfied and be thankful for what you have.

Many have lost their happiness in this race of achieving more than others.

So, what should you do?

Instead of comparing yourself to other you can do,

*Compare yourself to yourself. Try to defeat yourself not to other. Try to become a better version of yourself, instead of becoming better from others.

*Be thankful for what you have now and keep working for what you want to achieve tomorrow.

These two simple habits can bring a lot changes to yourself and into your life.

5. Keep thinking about the past and future too much.

Another very common habit is getting stuck in the past and future too much. You may think that worrying about your future will going to make you succeed or it will keep remembering you to work hard.

But it is a wrong approach. If you keep worrying too much about your future it will just ruin your mood and you will also lose the present moments.

Same this happens when you keep thinking or stuck in your past. You just got lost in old times and forgot your present and even future.

I mean it makes no sense to getting stuck to past. You can’t go past and change that. (it’s not a fairy tale J)

So, what should you do?

*Forget your past, plan your future and work today. Past has gone so you don’t want to remember that, and future is coming, so make sure to make it best. And to make it best, plan for it and work hard today.

*Live in the present moment and enjoy it to its fullest.
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    1. Thank you so much Anand for your kind words. Glad to know that you like it.

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