How to Stop Saying Yes When You Want to Say No

by - November 29, 2017


When you say “yes” to others, make sure you aren’t saying “no” to yourself.” -Paul Coehlo

I didn’t know about you, but I was a sucker for saying yes.

In past, I didn’t know how to say no to others. Even if I didn’t want to do that work, I still say yes, I will do it.

I thought that if I say no to others, they will get hurt, or get offended. I didn’t care about myself and about my work. What I care about most is of others work and others feel.

And now I think that was the biggest mistake and foolish thing I have ever done in my past.

Now I have my own priorities, my own work. If I didn’t want to do others work or I have something else to do, I will straightly say “No” to them. It doesn’t mean that I don’t care about them, it simply means that I care about my own work more.

If you are too a sucker for saying yes, then believe me you’ll get in trouble in your future. So, it’s better to change this habit now and for forever.

You might be thinking how can I do this?

Don’t worry about it. In this post, I will tell you my personal habits which I bring in to my personal life and how those completely change my life. And believe me if you too follow these tips/habits, it will change your life completely and you’ll thanks me later.

1. Realize it that your own work is more important.

There is nothing bad in it if you think about your own work first if you think about your own work before someone else work.

In fact, I personally thought that you should give your work first priority and full dedication, that’s the only way I think you’ll succeed in life.

There is nothing bad in thinking about your own self first. After all, the one who gave you his work is also thinking about his work before yours.

I personally didn’t care what others think about me if they think I am bad, then maybe they are right. But who cares about them.

Always remember, “the one who said bad about you, shouldn’t be good himself.”

You should prioritize your work and yourself in a very best manner. Here is an article which will help you to do so:

2. Saying no doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.

If you say no, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It simply means you have your own work to do. And if someone thinks that you’re a bad person, then let them think.

Ignore them and do your work. Here is an article that you should read:

Saying direct no is much more appreciated than saying yes and didn’t do the work.

Have you ever wonder why it seems to be so difficult to say no?

This is because as a child if we say no to our parents, elders or anyone else, it means that we are rude to them. It has been taught to us at that time to never say no to work.

But as we grow up, we have tons of our own works to do, and in these work, we rarely can find any time for doing others work.

So, it’s not bad at all to say no. In fact, they will realize that you are so busy and they didn’t even feel bad about it.

So, it’s not being rude or bad, it’s about being smart enough to say no.

3. How you can say no?

Now you know that it’s not a bad thing to say no to others and if you change your habit of saying yes, all the time, can change your life completely. So, here are my suggestions or helpful tips which you can use to say no:

*Be direct and say “no, I don’t want to”.

*Don’t say I’ll think about it later, be direct and say them that you can’t do it or didn’t want to do it.

*Don’t make an excuse, instead of state the real reason and say no.

*Remember you have your priorities, and always follow your priorities.

*Always keep in mind, that your self-worth is more important.

Give these tips a shot and let me know how these works for you. And also let me know in the comment section below that how saying no changes your life and how did you feel now.

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