3 Things You Must Needed to Achieve Success in Life

by - December 14, 2017


“Today is hard, tomorrow will be worse. But the day after tomorrow will be sunshine.”

Success isn’t an overnight job. It takes a lot of unsuccessful years, lots of hard work and all those sleepless nights. If you think you’ll be successful overnight, then you are badly mistaken. Sorry to say, but in the real world, things can’t go on this way. It only happens in movies.

In the real world, you should have to work hard, maybe you should face some failures, but if you won’t give up, then, in the end, you’ll surely succeed.

So, keep all these things in mind. And if you are looking up here for some kind of tricks which will take you to the top, then sorry to say but you can’t find those things here. You can just go away from this post if you are looking up for an overnight success technique.

In this post, I will tell you the real things, that really works in the real world. So, let’s get started:

3 Important Things that You Really Need to Achieve Success in Life:

1. Hard Work.


“You can never be proud of rewards that are a result of luck or good fortune. But you can hold your head high and be proud of rewards that are a result of working hard.”

As I said above, if you are looking for some tricks, you can just go away. Here I will just tell you only those things which actually works in the real world.

Hard work is the key to success, we all know it. But think once and tell me, did you really willing to do your best or do you really work hard?

Let me guess! I think “NO.”

Did I get it right?

If yes, then I think you already know what you have to do now. Just dreaming of success isn’t going to take you anywhere. You have to work hard, you have to work 24x7.

Just tell me one name, who have succeeded in life, without doing any hard work!

Everyone who is now on top was on the bottom at a point of their life. But did they stop there? No! They do hard work, 24x7 and make their dreams come true.

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2. Dedication.


“Dedication is the key to achieving mastery of any subject.” -Manish Kumar

Another very simple, but very effective thing you need to be successful is dedication. You can’t achieve mastery in any field without giving it your dedication.

Do you know the who is Pablo Picasso? Or do you know who is Leonard Da Vinci?

There are 95% chances you know them. After all, they are most famous artists of all time.

So, now here comes a question! Did Leonardo Da Vinci draw Mona Lisa painting in his very first day or week of practicing drawing?

No! He has worked all his life, practice all his life, just for that one picture. He draws many pictures before that in whole life. Some say it took him 4 years, some say it took him 12 years to draws that picture. But the point is how he dedicates his entire life to his passion, to his dreams.

If he didn't dedicate his life, his time to his dreams, imagine we may never able to see such a beautiful masterpiece.

“You should dedicate your life towards your dreams if you really want them to come true.”

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3. Consistency.

No matter how hard you work today. If you aren’t consistent towards your work, you’ll never get succeed. As I said above, success isn’t an overnight job.

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently.”

A successful man works hard even when no one else is willing to do. That’s what you too have to do. And that’s where you can differentiate yourself from all the average people and average mindset.

I mean, you didn’t want to settle for an average. Or do you?

Didn’t know about you, but I didn’t have come this far, to settle just for average. I will succeed, not today, but one day. And I think this what you should think too.

“Hard work, dedication, and consistency are the three must need things to be successful in life.”

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