Most Motivating One-Liner Quotes Ever!


Do you love to read inspirational quotes and sayings? Chances are high because that’s why you’re here! You’re looking for that one most motivating one-liner quotes ever.

I thought instead of just writing all inspirational quotes and confusing your mind with all of them, I will just write only five of them.

These five quotes or you can say one-liner is the most famous and motivational quotes ever. If you are just like me, who always look up for something new and inspirational, then chances are high that you may have heard of them!

So, let’s talk about what are those five super motivating one-liners ever:

1. “It takes nothing to join the crowd. But, it takes everything to stand alone.”

Didn’t know about you, but I personally really like this one. I too keep talking about standing apart from the crowd on my blog.

I mean what’s the purpose of life, if you keep following the crowd! You should have to stand apart. You should have to create your own way.

Always keep in mind, “people can easily forget the good, but they can’t forget the unique.” So, instead of just mixing up in the crowd, stand apart, follow your passion and be successful in your very own field.

You can’t just say yourself successful if you didn’t have to achieve those heights which you dream of.

2. “Be somebody nobody thought you could be.”

If you are following me on Twitter, then you must have read this quote.

This world is full of negative minds and haters whose only aim is to drag you down and to keep you on the ground. So, it’s your responsibility to prove them wrong. You should ignore them today and prove them wrong with your results in your future.

Just ask yourself a question, “are they saying, right?”

Life is a onetime offer, so make sure you use it wisely and achieve heights that no one thought you can achieve.

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3. “The days that break you, are the days that actually make you.”

If you’re a teen, chances are high that you’ve gone through or maybe going through a time where you just broke down into pieces and didn’t want to be happy anymore.

But believe it’s the time when you gonna find yourself in an actual way. It’s the time when you completely reborn and lives a brand-new life from scratch.

I know you’re in pain, I know you’re in the struggle, I know you’re broke, but you just have to keep going. You just have to keep going to achieve your dreams.

Promise yourself, no matter how hard the time go, how tough the situation become, you’ll keep going and achieve your dreams.

Think once what will you say to your children after 10 or 20 years later: “Nobody ever believes in me, things go wrong, but I keep going and look what I have become now.”

Or “Things go hard and I just quit! Sorry my son, but I quit and I hope you’ll not the same.”

Always remember world change by your action, not by your words. So, it’s better you should prove everyone wrong by your actions.

Be a good example of action, not by words.

4. “Nothing can motivate you more other than yourself.”

Are you still looking for that one person that can motivate you all the way up? You better just take a look in the mirror. That’s right, nothing and no one can motivate you more than yourself. So, it’s better to be the best version of yourself.

You should be your own sunshine, your own happiness, and your own personal motivator. It’s good if you’ve supporting friends and family who motivates you all the way. But sadly, not everyone has them. ☹

So, it’s wise that you should become your own blessing.
5. “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.”

I saw many people who want to become successful, who have their dreams, who have their ideas, but they didn’t go ahead because they have doubts. They have doubts about what will happen if they failed. They have doubts about what will happen if things didn’t go that way, that they imagined it to be.

And all those great ideas, great dreams just stuck inside their mind and it ends their story.

When I started out this blog, I really didn’t have any idea what I am doing. I just love to own a blog and to write articles. After three to four months I realized I was doing it all way wrong. I didn’t do any SEO, SMO or any branding. But did I stop?

No! I just keep learning. (Thanks to Neil Patel, ShoutMeLoud, and Backlinko ) I learned things all day and night, and now it’s almost one year over and now things are coming into line.

Believe me, things will go right, if you can give your 100% efforts and dedication. But the condition is you have to get started. Instead of doubting yourself, take a step forward and get started.

Believe me, everything will gonna come on the right track.

What’s your favorite one-liner quote? Feel free to share the best ones you find in this article or in your life in the comment section below.

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  1. This one is really special for me as I loving reading motivational quotes n I also try to implement them in my life…thnku for such a great article n keep motivating us with your word , it matters a lot…����

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