7 Things Successful People Do Differently

by - April 16, 2018


I always wanted to know that what these successful people have done or what they do that has made them successful. I always wonder what things they do differently that lead them to achieve success in their lives.

Can’t we do those same exact things! Can’t we get that success in our lives?

In this post, I will be going to answer all these questions and believe me if you too apply these things which I will tell you next, then no one can stop you from being successful.

7 Things Successful People Do Differently:

1. Ignore the world.

I always want to know that when these successful people like Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, started their work in every beginning, didn’t they get hate from others? Didn’t people talk bad about them?

And I found that YES! People then tell them to stop, tell them to not do this. People started saying bad words about them!

But they didn’t give a shit about others opinion and do what they wanna do and that’s the reason why they get succeed.

In life, you’ll face many people who drag you down, who will try to stop you. But it depends on you, what you wanna do and whose you wanna listen.

If you think that this idea will be going to work, then risk for it. Listen to nobody and believe in your own self. That’s how you’ll achieve greatness and heights in life.

2. They focus on being productive, not busy.

Being busy and being productive have a huge difference. You can busy in talking with your friends, but you can’t be productive in it. You can be productive reading something, but you can’t be busy in it.

I know its little bit confusing, but believe me, when you understand it, you’ll do things from a different perspective.

Successful people didn’t waste their time watching Netflix or amazon prime, they spend the majority of their time doing something valuable. Like instead of watching TV, they listen to podcasts, instead of watching Netflix shows, they watch webinars, and so on.

In an interview, Garyvee was asked that how much time does he take to make his content and how much time does he watch TV. He answered, I spend the majority of my time, creating my content and when it comes to free time, I love listening to podcasts and watching webinars from other different entrepreneurs.

3. Lifetime Learner.

When was the last time you actually read a book in the motive of really learning something?

This is what differentiates us from those successful people. After achieving those heights, they still didn’t claim themselves as they know everything. Bill Gates says he reads a book in every single week.

They didn’t stop learning and that’s the reason they never stopped earning.

A wise man once said, “the more you learn, the more you earn.”
Here are some books which I recommend you read: 5 Best Books to Read in 2018

4. They work outside of their comfort zone.

Another thing that they do differently is that they work outside of their comfort zone. Very few people in this world willing to work outside of their comfort zone and that’s the reason why very few get succeed.
We do things in living in our comfort zone and when it comes to getting out from it, we often quit. Successful people say that quitting isn’t even an option. If you really want to get succeed than you have to get out from your comfort zone and have to work really hard.

If you think that you’ll achieve greatness in staying in your comfort zone, then you’re badly mistaken. Things don’t work unless you put efforts.

Always remember, “a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.”

5. They focus on making the small continuous improvement.

Instead of focusing on making big changes or improvements, successful people focus on making small but continuous improvements.

They know that a big difference can’t be made at once, and that’s what we don’t understand. We want to get rich quickly, we want to get famous quickly, and this is where we get lost.

We should have to understand it, that small changes are still changes. And these are better than no changes at all.

So, instead of dreaming an overnight success, dream to have success in upcoming years. Only that’s the way we can get success.
“Patience is the key, and that’s what applied here.” Without being consistent and patient, we just can’t get succeed and can’t get what we dream too.

6. They learn from their mistakes.

Look at any successful entrepreneur, it’s not that they haven’t made any mistake or haven’t yet taken any wrong decision. It’s just they learn from their mistakes, they accept them in a positive outlook and improve those things.

Not like us, who do something wrong and regret it in our whole life.

Everyone makes mistakes and mistakes are the proof that you’re trying. But if you keep regretting that one single mistake in your whole life, then how can you grow? How can you become successful?

Instead if regretting, we should accept that mistake and try to improve that. Only this is the way we will grow.

7. They spend time with right people.

I know it sounds seems stupid, but did you know that our surroundings play an important role in our life. Our mindset transforms according to our surroundings and what others are saying.

And when it comes to successful people they spend the majority of their time with other big influencers or entrepreneurs, so that they can learn something new from them.

Successful people associate with people who are likeminded focused, and supportive.  They socialize with people who create energy when they enter the room versus those who create energy when they leave.  They reach out to connected, influential individuals who are right for their dreams and goals.

These are some things which successful people do differently. If you want to know more about them, then I recommend you to read this book: 5 Best Books to Read in 2018

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