Sleep Paralysis: Fighting with Dreams (eBook)

by - April 10, 2018

Sleep paralysis is a feeling of being conscious but unable to move. It normally occurs when we’re having a dream. Many people also see strange scary things or spirits in their dreams when they’re having sleep paralysis.

During sleep paralysis one is unable to move, speak or to perform any kind of activity. He/she just got a temporary paralysis attack, (as long as he/she is in sleep).

In sleep paralysis, I personally didn’t have seen any scary spirit or ghost who’s trying to kill me, but I have heard and read that half of the people who face sleep paralysis, see a scary ghost or spirit in their dreams.

Let me tell you my story of my first sleep paralysis experience and how I actually get out of it.

I was having a dream, and then I didn’t know what happened but my mind woke up. I realized that it is a dream and I am sleeping. You may be thinking that it’s something like lucid dreaming (where you can control your dream), but it was not. It’s worse from that.

When my mind woke up, I wanted to wake myself up. I was wanted to get out of that dream. I remember I was feeling my body and I thought I was moving it. But in reality, I was doing nothing.

I try really hard to open my eyes, but it didn’t work. Now I was feeling a little bit afraid. I thought what would gonna happen if I just stuck into this dream. (just like that movie “Insidious”)

I try so hard to open my eyes, but it was not working. I was very panicked at that time. I still remember after trying so many times, I say to myself, I didn’t belong here. I have to calm my mind and have to find a way to wake myself up.

Then I close my eyes in my dream and try to calm my mind.

If you want to know what happened next, how I wake myself up from sleep paralysis and how you can cope this situation, then I have made a complete eBook regarding this topic.

You can check that book here: Sleep Paralysis: Fighting with Dreams

Believe me, if you apply all those things which I have written in the eBook, then you’ll never have to fear of sleep paralysis.

So, check it out now.

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    1. Thanks a lot for your kind words brother. Really glad to know that you like my thoughts.