Complete Guide on How to Start a Blog in Personal Development Niche

by - May 29, 2018


You want to start a blog. But the thing is you don’t know how to do it. You didn’t even have any specific knowledge about any field like finance, photoshop, etc. You just want to help others with their daily life problems and want to share your thoughts.

Well, if this is you, then don’t you worry. It doesn’t matter if you’re completely clueless about this blogging thing. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to make a beautiful and effective blog on your own.

And you know what’s the best part of having your own blog is? You can even make money from it.

Yes! You read it right. You can even make money from it. Isn’t it sounds interesting that just by helping others and doing what you love you can even get paid?

Well, this is true though. You can make money, but the thing is, it will take a lot of time and efforts to make a really handsome amount of money from a new blog.

But don’t you worry, I will make everything clear to you in this guide.
So, let’s dive into it.

#1 Step: Choose the Niche.

Before getting started and creating a blog, first of all, you have to choose a niche for your blog. Do you know what the heck is a niche?

Well, a niche is basically the subject or topic on which you’ll make your blog. You can create a blog around any niche (in which you’re interested) but in this guide, we will specifically talk about the personal development niche.

Another thing, many newbies take personal development niche as all wrong. They think they can publish some inspiring stuff and that will work like charm. But this is not how it works.

Personal development niche is pretty big in itself. You have to narrow down it to a specific topic, and then have to create content around it.

For example, in personal development niche, there is health and fitness sub-niche, there is quotes sub-niche, there are daily-life problems sub-niche, and so on. I think you’ve got an idea about how big this niche is. So, first thing first, you need to narrow down it and have to create content around that sub-niche.

This will make you an authority in that niche and if in future you would publish your own products or services, people will more likely to buy that. Because they know you are a trusted person in that niche.

So, choose a niche and then narrow down it according to your knowledge and passion is very important.

#2 Step: Choosing a domain name.

After choosing your niche, the next step is to choose a domain name for your blog. Well, let me guess, you don’t know what the heck is domain name right?

Let me clear it. Domain name is basically the name of your blog/brand by which people will going to remember you and can reach up to you. Just like, is my domain name and I have registered it.

In simple words, the address of your blog, by which people can reach up to you is your domain name.

You should choose a name that fits up to your blog and which defines your blog. A domain name should be easy to remember and easy to type.

Bonus tip: Avoid using a domain name which has symbols in it. It’s really a headache to type such domain.

You can get your first domain on for a very low rate. I too have purchased my domain name from them and didn’t have face any problem as far.

#3 Step: Buy a good web-hosting.

After purchasing a good and simple domain name for your blog, the next step is to purchase a good web-hosting. Well, let me guess again. You didn’t know what is web-hosting, right?

Well, don’t worry. I will make it clear to you. Web-hosting is the server on which your site/blog will run. Understand it in a way that, a domain name is the name of your brand and web-hosting is the building in which you will operate your business.

You need both in order to run a successful business, right!

Before purchasing any web-hosting, you should have to keep it in mind that how much traffic that hosting can handle. Well, in starting your blog will not get that much traffic, but after some couple of months, you’ll going to get a handsome amount of traffic. So, if you buy a poor and low-quality web hosting your site will keep crashing and you’ll lose traffic as well as readers too.

Well, there are tons of hosting companies available in the market. So, which one should you choose?

I highly recommend you to go for Bluehost web-hosting, it’s the most trusted and widely used hosting across the world. Bloggers like Neil Patel, Brian Dean, Harsh Agarwal too use it.

So, you can simply say that it’s the most trusted and high-quality web-hosting available in the market.

Bonus tip: You can purchase Bluehost web-hosting on a special discount from here: Special Discount on Bluehost Web-Hosting

#4 Step: Link the domain and install WordPress on your hosting server.

Now the things get little tricky here. But don’t get frustrated, after all, I am here to help you.

To link the Domain to your hosting server you need to change the DNS and Nameservers of the domain. You can do that in the management domain section.

If you have purchased your domain from GoDaddy, you can go to your account and then head over to my domain section. And then choose that domain which you want to connect. After that, look up for manage domain option and there you’ll see the option of Nameservers and DNS. You have to change them according to your hosting server DNS.

And after linking the domain to your hosting the next step is to install WordPress on your hosting server.

Well, if you have purchased hosting from Bluehost then it is just a one-click process. Bluehost gives you the option of installing WordPress on just one single click. (That’s another reason why I recommend you buy Bluehost hosting.)

Whether if you have purchased hosting from other sites, you have to go to your cPanel and from there you can install WordPress.

Well, if you still didn’t get these instructions, here is a video tutorial that will help you to do so.

#5 Step: Choose a simple and good-looking theme/template for your blog.

Well, there are tons of free templates available in the market for WordPress sites. You can pick one which meets your requirements. However, if you are confused with what theme you should choose or what design you should go for, then I recommend you take a look at these blogs: positivity blog, the minimalists, jamesclear, Mark Manson.

These are all very successful blogs in personal development niche. You can take inspiration from these blogs and can set up your blog too.

Pro Tip: Do choose a theme which is clean and user-friendly.

After choosing the perfect theme, you need to customize it and make some major changes. Well, don’t get panic. In WordPress, it doesn’t require any coding knowledge, it can be done by just simply drag and drop.

You’ll find it easy too when you do it yourself.

#6 Step: Write informative and useful articles.

Well, it doesn’t matter how good your site looks. If you have shitty content in it then nobody gonna come to your blog.

So, if you want to attract readers to your blog then, the next step is to write rich quality and informative posts which helps the readers in some way. In personal development niche, almost every newbie writes articles about some kinda inspirational stuff and all. But the thing is it won’t work.

Yeah, it will give your audience a little motivation, but if you want to become an authority in your niche and want those visitors to become your regular reader, you need to answer their major life problems. Write content mainly about improving their skills or solving their problems in some kinda way. This will work like a charm, believe me.

Yeah, you can write those inspirational kinda articles, but people won’t gonna look up on google for them. They look up for google to get a solution for their problems. Think in this way, and write articles around those problems, so that people will find you through google too.

These types of articles will also gonna help you for the long run and especially if you want to make some money from your blog. You can make your own products or can recommend other’s products to your reader which will solve some of their problems.

#Final Step: Spread out the word.

Well, first of all, congratulations! You’ve successfully created your own blog and have written some valuable content.

Now, here comes the final step and you can say a never-ending step.
You’ve to spread out the word.

Well, if you have thought that people will gonna come and see your blog just because you’ve great content on your blog, then you’re totally wrong. This will not work in this way. Especially, this blogging thing. You have to spread out the word on yourself.

Share your blog with your family, friends and tell them to share it with their friends and so on.

You should have to create a social media presence and have to build your brand on social media too. SEO will take a lot of time to get decent traffic and to rank posts. So, till then, you should rely on social media and get the most of it.

I can speak about it all day, but this would go off topic. So, you should read this article: Social Media Branding: Tips to Grow Your Brand on Social Media

And if you want to get most of your social media accounts then you can buy this online course from Udemy: The Complete Digital Marketing Course - 12 Courses in 1 It will help you to master the social media.

Still, if you want me to make a sperate post on how to get traffic to your blog, let me know in the comment section below, I will definitely make one.

So, this is it. Hope it helps you. If you still have any queries or problems, you can ask me at Instagram at @notmanishkumar or you can just simply write down a comment below.

Happy Blogging.

See you soon.

Manish Kumar.

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