How to Declutter Your Mind and Live a Happy Life

by - June 11, 2018

How to Declutter Your Mind

“A mind which is filled with thousands of unnecessary thoughts is an enemy itself.”

We live an era where overthinking is one of the most common problems in every other person. Didn’t want to brag but I too used to be a victim of this poison. I used to overthink about every other thing, and believe me, this thing literally has killed me from inside.

Well, so you might be wondering how the heck I get rid of this poison and being able to declutter my mind. Didn’t want to brag about myself, but the day after I stopped overthinking and have decluttered my mind from all those unnecessary thoughts, I started living a positive happy life.

Now, I didn’t overthink about unnecessary things and just do whatever the heck I want to. Well, this isn't just helping me to live a happy life but it is also helping me in my career area too.

So, do you too want to live a positive happy life and want to declutter your mind from all those unnecessary thoughts? Do you too want to be a Jedi and want to control your mind?

Well, read this post, and you’ll able to do so. In this post, I will tell you those 5 things which I do personally to declutter my mind. So, let’s get started:

1. Living life as it is your last day.

Whenever you’re overthinking or you can say over-worrying about some stupid small thing, just think once, would you really care about it if it was your last day of life!

Well, this simple saying can affect your mentality a lot. It will help you to stop overthinking about small stupid things.

Don’t believe me?

Try it on your own, then you’ll gonna realize it.

2. Distance yourself from toxic people.

You’ll not go to live a happy life you’re mentally connected with toxic or you can say, negative people. If you really want to live a positive happy life, then you should have to stay away from them.

If you can’t stay away from them physically, then try to stay away from them mentally. When you do so, you’ll see yourself that how your life change.

“Toxic people are one of the major reason for a negative life.”

You should also read this post: How to Distance Yourself From Negative People and Thoughts

3. Get clear on your priorities.

You need to be clear about your priorities. In order to set your priorities, write things down which you think are important to you and will benefit you. Make a list and prioritize things according to your needs.

Now, evaluate things which stand between you and your priorities, and think once, is it worth compromising on what matter most?

This simple trick will help you to declutter your mind and will make you more focused towards your work

4. Let go.

If you have read my previous post on letting go, then you’ll know how letting goes helps us. Not only in becoming happy and living a happy life, but also in decluttering our mind and to stay focused.

Letting go doesn’t mean that you just gave up on every single thing and people. But, after a certain period, there comes a time when you need to let go. You need to understand it.

Here is an article I have written before which will help you to understand it and will also help you in letting go: 7 Signs it's Time to Let Go

5. Rethink about your sleep.

Well, sometimes it just enough sleeps that we are not getting which results in depression, confusion, and many more toxic things. So, instead of just worrying too much, rethink about your sleep.

It doesn’t mean that you should change your whole sleeping pattern, but just rethink it. Find out how much sleep you’re lacking and fill it up.

Well, if you’re facing Sleep Paralysis, then you should check out my book: Sleep Paralysis: Fighting with Dreams It will help you to overcome your sleep paralysis.


If you really want to declutter your mind you need to change some habits in your life. You must have to change your mindset. When you change your mindset you’ll see how your life changes completely.

“It’s not about how good your life is, it’s about how good you make it.”

Stay away from all those toxic things which create problems in your head that don’t even exists in the real world. Get clear about your priorities and let go all unnecessary things. And after all the work, get proper sleep.

These simple change in your habits can bring huge changes your life. Give these a shot and let me know how it works for you in the comment section below.

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