Fake It Till You Make It: Is This Really What You Need to Do?

by - September 03, 2018

Fake it till you make it

Well, you may have heard this quote a lot that fake it till you make it. But my question is, is this really what you need to become successful?

I mean you’re faking your journey, not just your journey but your whole image in front of your audience. And do you think that faking it and telling everyone lie is going to make you a trustworthy authority in your niche?

I don’t think so.

I personally believe that if you really want to succeed and want to become a trustworthy authority, you should spit out the truth. None of the bullshit or fancy lifestyle. Just show your audience what you really are and believe me you’ll gain their trust and faith quickly and for a longer time.

Now, let me ask you again this question, do you still think that fake it till you make it is a good approach?

Well, so now question arise that if this approach isn’t good enough, then what should one do who don’t have achieved anything big yet?

Document it instead of faking it.

Instead of faking it, try a different approach and document your journey. Instead of faking your lifestyle, faking your achievements, and so on, keep it simple and document your journey.

Just spit out the truth and let others know what you really are and see how this simple thing can become a life changer in your life.

People love to watch and listen to those who say the truth, instead of faking it.

Instead of showing them results, document your journey and let them know how you are doing it. It’s just our human nature that we love those who says the truth instead of just fancy bullshit.

Instead of showing them results, take them with you.

Well, if you think you’re going to fake it till you make it and then you’ll show them what you really are, then I don’t think you’ll gain that truth in your audience. Yes, many people have done it, but it doesn’t matter that you should do it too.

I suggest you take your audience with you on your journey, instead of just showing them the results you get. People will more likely to become a part of your audience if you show them how you are doing it and if you show them what you really are.

I mean instead of just making them your listener, make your audience a part of the journey and see how it can change your journey completely.

Well, think about it or not, but you have to care about your audience. You just can’t make them just your listener or watcher. Make them a part of your journey and in this way, they’ll more likely to want to be with you.

Make them feel special and see how it can become a turning point in your life.

So, now try a different approach and “Document it, till you make it.”

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