Should You Care About Other’s Opinion?

by - December 03, 2018


One question that keeps hitting my mind is, should I care about what others are saying about me or my work? I mean should I care about their opinions?

Well, didn’t know about you, but I personally didn’t really care about others opinions. I mean unless they are going to benefit me.

If they say me you should stop this blogging thing and should focus on your studies and try to get a job, I just completely ignore them. They really didn’t have any idea about what I am doing and how’s it going to help me in the future. I have a dream, which no one believes and see, but only me.

If you’re too like me and have a dream which you want to achieve but your surroundings keep saying that you should stop it and focus on something else, then this post is for you. You’ll be going to get an idea about what you should do in this situation and what is going to be best for you.

So, let’s talk about the first thing first,

Should you listen to their opinions?

Well, it depends. I mean if they’re saying something that’ll be going to benefit you, then keep it in mind. There’s nothing wrong in listening to someone else opinion. You should keep your ego by side and should listen to them.

But if they’re saying something bullshit like stop this work and focus on your studies or something else, then here’s a thing, ‘just completely ignore them.’

If you have got a dream, and you think it has a great future, then don’t listen to anyone in this world. Just focus on your dreams and keep working consistently. There should be only one voice, that is yours.

It doesn’t matter how big your dream is. You have got the power to achieve that dream, and you have to believe it. There’s nothing impossible in this world if you wanna achieve your dream, then go for it. Don’t listen to anybody who is telling you to stop.

Misconception about success.

There’s always been a misconception in our surroundings that we only get succeed by studying in college or universities. From the very beginning, they teach us that if we want to succeed in life, then we have to study and have to get good grades.

Well, I didn’t say that studying is a bad thing, in fact, I love studying. But the thing is those school grades won’t make us successful, but our abilities and our skills make us successful.

This word ‘success’ means different to every other individual. For you, it may be to get a good stable job, for your brother it may be to be a great singer, and for me, it is to be a great entrepreneur and leave a legacy behind.

So, if you just want a good job, then studying should be your priority, but if you’re like me, then you’ll know that there’s so much knowledge outside from those school books and we have to explore that.

I just want to break this misconception that success only can get from good grades.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and so on. Do you know all these millionaires are college dropouts and haven’t graduated from the college!

So, there’s no point telling others that success can only be achieved by good grades.

Is your dream worth it?

There’s no point in ignoring the whole world if your dream is not worth it. I mean if your dream won’t going to make a living for you, then what’s the point of ignoring others?

I mean just be practical here. You have to make money if you want to live. So, if your dream is not going to make a living out for you, then you should listen to what others are saying.

Now don’t get me wrong, but I am just being real with you. I don’t want you to starve. So, it’s better you should listen to what others are saying and do something which will be going to benefit you financially.

You can always achieve your dream, but keep it in mind, that dream should be worth your hard work and ignorance.

“Dreams are not achieved by hard work only. But it takes consistency, ignorance, and failures too.” -Manish Kumar

Keep your ego on a side.

I saw many people who just don’t listen to what others are saying just because of their ego. Just because they don’t want someone to guide them. I mean what’s the point of it? What are you trying to show to the world?

Ego, attitude all these things won’t give you anything, except people’s hate. Self-respect is must, but ego is another thing. You should know the difference between these two.

There’s nothing wrong or to be ashamed if someone teaches you something. It doesn’t matter if they’re elder from you or are younger from you. We just can’t know all the things and there’s nothing wrong in being taught by a younger person.

So, if you’re one of them who ignore others opinion just because they’re younger or you just have some ego issues, then sorry to say my friend, but you’ll never going to grow. We grow by making mistakes and learning from them. But if you’re one of them who don’t want to be seen as a failure then you’ll never be going to grow.

“Winner and losers both fail. It’s just winners who learn from his mistakes and try again.”


So, in short, you should listen to others if they’re right. And now don’t say that how can I find out that how will I know that if they are right or wrong!

If you think your dreams are worth ignorance, then go for it. But if your dreams are not worth it, then its time to put a full stop and you should listen to what are sayings.

And you should never ignore others just because you have some ego issues. Be a kind person, and if you’re wrong then admit it and listen to what are sayings.

Hope you like it. Please do share it with someone who needs to read this. And let me know in the comment section below do you listen to other’s opinions?

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