My Teacher Used to Scold Me for My Bad English

In my childhood, when I was in school I think I was in 6th standard at that time and we introduced with English language tenses.

You all know what are these
tenses, right?

That past, present and future tenses!!!

Believe me, these tenses are
fuckin nightmares for me. I mean we were told to learn all the rules for each
and every fuckin tense. And I was like, how am I even supposed to do it? Every
single day, I got scolded, I got punished by our English teacher and I was told
that I can never be able to write or speak in English if I didn’t learn these
things. And I think she was right in some way.

It’s not that I hated the English language or even I do not know how to
speak or write in it. It’s just I wasn’t able to memorize all those fuckin
rules of tenses.

By the way, let me tell you
one thing, but promise me you’ll keep it
secret. ‘I still don’t know which helping verb/form of the subject should I use in my sentences. I just
write and speak what I feel is good and believe me, most time it works good and
shockingly, right too!’

But it doesn’t mean that you
should stop reading and just write what your brain thinks is right.

But my point is we get judged
by people so easily here. I mean at that time no one could say that I can be a
writer. And look at me now, blogging and writing on multiple blogs, doing
freelance writing and getting paid to write and most importantly people love
what I write and enjoy reading my articles.

Isn’t it amazing and
unpredictable? You can not judge someone by their looks or by their ability to
perform anything. I mean you may be good
in the English language, but it doesn’t
mean that you can eventually become the best writer. I mean it also takes some
other things to be a writer, you need to be very imaginative, you should know
how to write to get people to stick on
your article and so on.

You just can’t judge someone.
You can never know what they can do and so do you.

Don’t let anyone judging you
and never ever listen to their judging. I mean they just saw one thing from
you. They didn’t know what other things you can do.

So, let’s just be you. Follow
your dreams and most importantly, don’t let anyone tell you what you can become
and what you can’t.

Hope you like it. And if you
like it, then please do share it with your friends and family. 😊


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