The misconception about Winning and Losing

Video Script:

Since our childhood, we all have been taught that there’s just only two options available. Either you win or you lose. Either you’re a winner or a loser.

But I want you to know it that it’s all wrong. Everything we have taught until now is completely wrong. Yes, there are two options, but those are not winning or losing. Those are winning and trying.

I believe that there’s no such thing as losing, but that is just an unsuccessful try. Every time I fail at something, I believe that I didn’t lose, I just found out another way that didn’t work.

You will never be a failure if you keep learning from your mistakes. But the day you end up learning and start thinking you’re perfect is the day you stop growing and eventually you’ll start losing.

I believe that life is not all about winning or being perfect. But instead, it’s about keep learning new things and keep growing.

Albert Einstein once said, “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

So, try out new things, make mistakes and most importantly keep learning.

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