How Social Media is Destroying Us!

by - June 26, 2019

Video Script:

We are living in an age where social media has become a big thing. I mean nowadays almost everyone is on these social sites like Facebook, Instagram and so on. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager or an old age man, nowadays almost everyone is on these sites.

And I am not saying that it’s a bad thing. In fact, idea of creating a social media website to connect people with each other is a great initiative and a good idea.

But now people are overusing it. I mean a case study found out that most teenagers use these social media websites more than 9 hours a day. Don’t you think that’s a hell lot of time to spend on these websites?

Well, every single thing has its side effects when we over use it. And that’s what these websites have. We are now doing things to show it to our followers, buying expensive items just to showcase it to others. In short, we are living a fake life. We are not creating memories wherever we go, we are just creating photographs or stories which we can show to our followers.

In every minute we keep checking our phone, knowing that there will be nothing new, but we keep checking it. Stalking others pictures, getting jealous with them, with their lifestyle, we forget to appreciate what we have in our life.

I just want to say it to you. For once, try to keep your phone aside, instead of taking pictures, try to enjoy that moment, that beauty. Instead of getting jealous with others lifestyle, appreciate what you have. Instead of worrying about how many likes you get, try to live in the right moment and appreciate every single breath that you take.

Because you only live once my friend. Don’t just waste it on some useless things. Because in the end all that matter is how happy you are.

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