How Do I Get Over My Fear of Public Speaking?

by - November 13, 2019


Public speaking is what I have always skipped and is what from which I always run away in my past life. But nowadays its something which has totally changed my life. It has opened many opportunities for me and has a big part in changing my life.
If you too have a fear of public speaking or just get scared to talk on stage, I think this is the only post you needed. Because in this post, I am going to tell you some of my personal ways which have helped me to get over my fear of public speaking. And I hope these tips will going to work for you the same.
So, without further delay, let’s dive into this post.
Here are my personal top 3 tips which will help you to get over your fear of public speaking.

3 Tips to Get Over Your Fear of Public Speaking:

1. Do not underestimate yourself.

The first thing which I have done is I changed my thinking. I mean in the past, I used to underestimate myself. Like I used to think that I don’t stand a chance among others, I’m useless, what if they question something from me, and many more useless things.
And I’m guessing if you too have a public speaking fear, then you too might get these types of thoughts in your head. So, firstly I want you to stop thinking like this and from now on you should have to fill your head with positive thoughts.
Don’t underestimate yourself. The key to master public speaking is in your head. I mean firstly you have to clear your negative thoughts only then you can proceed further.

2. Educate yourself.

In scientific research, scientists have found out that the person who has more knowledge about is the topic is more likely to be more confident than the others who are just pretending that they know everything.
I mean you can fake that you know everything, but to a point, it will going to get you in trouble. So, instead, you should better educate yourself.
The more knowledge you have the more confidence you became. It’s something natural. If you know more than the persons around you, you became a little more confident, so it will too going to help you to get over your fear of public speaking.

3. Practice, Practice, and Practice.

Just like any other art form, public speaking is art too. And if you want to master it, like any other art form you have to practice t. I mean you have to get on the stage.
You have to get on the stage just to see how it feels. I mean you can just read out an article like these and keep reading more. But frankly speaking, these articles will not gonna help you unless you practice.
So, from now on you have to promise me that you will practice and keep practicing until you become a master.
It's not that you have to be on the stage to practice public speaking. You can also try it in a group of people or you can just simply make some face cam videos. (this is how I practice)
See, you can’t get over your fear unless you practice. So, keep practicing.


Public speaking is nothing but just art that needs the right mindset and a lot of practice. When you combine these two, you rock the stage. You became the person who totally controls the crowd and which the audience loves the most. You became the person whose words impact lives and so on.
But all you gotta do is, you have to get out in the real field and have to practice a lot. Promise me you’ll do it and let me know in the comment section below how these tips work for you.
So, this is it for today.
I hope you have liked it.
Have a good day. 😊

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