Negative Self-Help | A Different Kind of Approach

by - November 23, 2019


Nowadays, there’s been a trend in the market like people are telling you to be positive all the time. Every other self-help guru is teaching you that you’re born to do something great, all you have to do is to just hustle hard. They are saying you to ignore all the negative thoughts and negative things that are around you and just focus on something good.

But what if I told you that you suck and you have to accept it. Instead of being positive all the time, accept the negative situation and try to live with it. What if I told you that this pain will never be going to leave you and you have to live with it?

Well, in this article, I’m going to tell you about a different approach. This is what I called “Negative Self-Help.”

Actually, it’s not originated by me, but it’s by a great writer, Mark Manson, whom I admire. He is the writer of the best-selling book “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”

So, what the heck is Negative Self-Help?

Actually, I believe that what these every other self-help guru is teaching you is not all true. I mean they are saying you that pain is temporary and it will going to leave one day. But what I think is a pain is not temporary but it lasts forever. I mean not the same kind of a pain but it will come in a different way.

I mean if you’re having some kind of issues with your personal life and it’s the thing that is making you feel sad. Then it doesn’t mean that it will be going to last forever. But it will eventually fade up and as per the time passes new problems will come up along the way and you’ll become sad about those problems.

See, it’s a complete life circle which I believe that never ends. And this is where I think that what most other self-help gurus are telling you is not all true.

So, what do I believe in?

Well, what I am telling you in this approach is that instead of ignoring the pain and thinking that pain will go one day, try to live with it. Just accept the pain and try to live with it. I mean in this way you will get less hurt.

I mean if you have got some issues to deal with, then instead of ignoring them and thinking in a way that these problems will be going to leave one day, try to accept them and lookup for a solution for them.

In this way, eventually, you will become more powerful than ever.

Let me tell you one thing, we are humans and we all suck at something. And some of us suck at many things. But that’s not the point. The point is if we know we suck at one thing, then instead of thinking in this way that we are born to do great things, try to suck less. I mean we all suck, so just try to suck less. Eventually, you will do things much more efficiently than others.
Did you get my point?

All I want to say is that instead of imagining ourselves as a great human being just be normal. I mean if you are bad at something, accept it. If you have pain, accept it. Instead of ignoring all the negative thoughts, accept them and figure out some way to live with them.

So, what you think about this approach? Let me know in the comment section below.

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