Harvey Specter Quotes (with Pictures)

by - January 28, 2020

Harvey Specter Quotes

Harvey Specter is a fictional character played by Gabriel Macht. He plays this role in the TV Series “Suits”. And in case you haven’t watched a single episode of suits yet and don’t know who the heck is Harvey Specter then let me tell you some things about him.

He is one of those successful and influential people whom you should look upon. I mean the way he dresses, the way he communicates, the way he cracks his deals, is everything you should look for.

So, in this post, I am going to share some of my favorite quotes from Harvey Specter. So, let’s get started:

15 Best Harvey Specter Quotes:

Best Harvey Specter Quotes

1. “Oh, you want an easy life? I hear McDonald’s is hiring.”
You want an easy life by harvey specter

2. “Just because a ‘pretty girl’ tells you a story doesn’t mean it’s true.”
Sarcastic Harvey Specter Quote

3. “If it doesn’t evolve me, then it doesn’t involve me.”
Harvey Specter Quote on Life

4. “Tell me ‘I can’t’ and I will embarrass you.”
best harvey specter quotes

5. “I don’t have dreams, I have goals.”
Goals Quote by Harvey Specter

6. “Stop wasting your time with people who waste theirs.”
Harvey Specter Quotes

7. “When you are backed against the wall, break the god damn wall.”
when you are backed against the wall

8. “You live for weekends? Congrats. That’s all you’ll ever live.”
you live for weekends

9. “You always have a choice.”
you always have a choice

10. “I am working on myself for myself by myself.”
I am working on myself quote

11. “Confidence comes from keeping the promises you made to yourself.”
Confidence Harvey Specter Quote

12. “If they think you care, they’ll walk all over you.”
if they think you care quote

13. “If you don’t value your time, neither will others. Stop giving it like it’s free.”
Harvey Specter Best Quote

14. “When people you don’t even know start to hate you, that’s when you know you’re the best.”
Best Harvey Specter Quotes

15. “You can have results or excuses. Not both.”

So, these are some of my personal favorite quotes. Let me know in the comment section below which one do you like the most.
-Manish Kumar

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