3 Bitter Truths of Life that Everyone Should Know

by - March 22, 2020

bitter truths of life

We all want a happy life where we just want to live peacefully and happily with our beloved once. And in this process, most of us ignore some of the bitter truth of life and some of us even knowing those things, don’t want to accept them.

So, in this post, I’m going to tell you about those bitter truths of life which one should know. So, let’s get started:

3 Bitter Truths of Life that Everyone Should Know:

 1. Sharing Your Problems with Others

If you’re one of those who think that people whom you trust or with whom you share your problems really do care about you and your problems then you really need to understand this. 20% of people don’t care about your problems and 80% are glad that you have them.

And the sooner you are going to realize it, the better it is for you.

We all want people to do well, but not better than us.
This is pretty much self-explanatory. I mean we all want our friends, our known ones to do well, but not better than us. And if you disagree with me, then please question it with yourself and try to answer it honestly.

2. No one will save you.

Okay, so if you think that people do care about you and they’ll come to rescue you from your problems then you’re badly mistaken. I mean in this world, everyone is busy in their life and with their own problems. So, you have to be your own superhero.

If you think that a man with a red cape will come into your life and will be going to save you from all of your problems then boy you are badly mistaken. And you have to realize it as soon as possible.

No matter what you do, some people will hate you anyway.
I think this is what you can agree with me with no doubt. I mean no matter how good you are as a person, no matter how good you things do, no matter how nice you talk with everyone. Always there will be someone who hates you for absolutely no reason. 

Yeah skrew, those people.

3. Life is Unpredictable.

Let’s be honest, we all know this but how many of us accept this fact. I mean we all know that life is unpredictable and we can die at any time, but still, we choose not to accept this and ignore it.

I am not saying that you shouldn’t be scared of death or something else inappropriate. I am just saying that life is unpredictable and we all need to accept this. 

So, that's it for today. I hope you like this post.

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Thank you.

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