One Life, No Regrets

by - April 24, 2020

One life, no regrets. There’s been a quote all around the world which says that you only live once. But I think that it’s not all true. I mean yeah we have got one life and it’s all about it. But what I believe is that we only die once and we live every single day.

Every single day is a new opportunity for us. Every single day can be our last day so I believe that we should live according to it. I mean why worry about something which you have done a long time ago. Why worry about something which doesn’t even matter in the end.

I mean we are living in an era where we just constantly worrying about things getting perfect and to make them perfect we just worry too much about them. I mean we overthink many small things a lot.

Like, remember that day when you spent almost half an hour deciding which dress you should wear and at last you end up wearing that dress which you chose at first.

See these things don’t matter much. I mean don’t get me wrong wearing a nice dress is a great thing but spending almost an hour on deciding which dress to wear!!! Don’t you think that it’s just a waste of time? 

All I want you to do and to believe is that we should live every minute of our life happily. I know there can be days which you don’t feel like it. There will be days when you get too tired, there will be days when you get too sad, but life isn’t all about happiness. I mean don’t get me wrong but would you like to eat one single super expensive and tasty dish fr your whole life or you would like to eat something different every single day.

Life is like a rollercoaster, it has ups and downs. But all you have to do is enjoy every single part of it. That’s life bro. 

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