About Us

Hi, I’m Manish Kumar


I’m a Blogger, a Website Designer, and a Freelance Writer. Along with my blog Shut Dem All I works on multiple blogs and on also on some freelancing sites. But let’s talk about this blog on this page. I have made this blog in the motive of helping as many people as I can.

I am 18 years old and now studying in college. Now, most of the peoples think that, why would they listen to a boy who is nearly half of their age. And my reply to this is, “Do whatever you want to do, if you can keep your ego by side and then read my blog, then I promise that you will be going to get some really good value here.” But if you don’t want to read then you can go.
Before the creation of this blog, I have helped many peoples. Then I realize I can take my thoughts to a next level and help many more fellows from their lives problems and make them live happier.
Here at ShutDemAll, I wrote articles on Personal Development, Pursuing your Passion, Tips on Productivity and sometimes I made posts on Quotes too.
My work has been praised by one of the leading personal development website, LifeHack I have approved by them to became an author for them and write articles for their website too.
The Mission
Usually, I write articles about personal development, but there is always a powerful question that keeps hitting my mind: “How to live happier and peacefully?” which I try to answer through my blog.
The mission of establishing ShutDemAll is to bring all my thoughts into action and help you to live a happy and peaceful life. Frankly speaking, it gives me pleasure to write. It gives me happiness and gives me a direction in life.
It’s not that I am just writing articles for money or something else, I write because I love to write and love to help others.
I do not know all the answers, but I tried my best and keep learning and discovering new ideas and thoughts which will tend to live a better life.
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