How to Deal with Stress: 7 tips that work

Tips to Deal with Stress
We live in an era where stress is very normal. We all have to face many situations which makes us feel stressed. Which make us frustrated.
So, how can you deal with stress without leaving any job or frustrated work?
Here I will give you 7 tips which help you to deal with your stress by fewer efforts and will apart yourself from many other peoples who are still frustrated with their lives.
So, are you ready?
Let’s dive into it.

7 Tips to Deal with Stress:

1. Stop Overthinking
We make half of our problems by overthinking. We start thinking about a thing and then we can’t stop our mind and thus we end up thinking something out of real life. Which isn’t even there. And this is simple, more problems, more stress.
So, to deal with stress you first have to control our mind to think less. The less you think about a stupid thing, the fewer problems you see (that means you will see the actual world J) and then the less you feel stressed.
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2. Stop Multi-tasking
The more work you try to do at one time, the more pain you give to your mind and then the more you feel stressed.
Multi-tasking gives us free stress and confuses our mind between the works.
We think that doing many things in one time saves our time, but just think once on what condition you are doing this?
You are losing your happiness, your relaxation, your peace.
Now, do one thing at a time and you will feel relaxed and out of stress right now.J
3. Live in Less
Did you notice that every time this little more thinking makes us work more and as I said earlier, the more unplanned work, the more stress?
So, why shouldn’t you now give a try to this little thought, “Live in less”?
It’s not that you just not work hard and leave all your work and said to everyone that, “hey, Manish has told me to live in less and work less.” (haha J)
Live in fewer means to work hard for your future but live mentally be satisfied with what you have. Because all our stress, our frustration comes up from this thought “I want more”.
Yah! This is important in life to grow, but if we became greedy than we will lose everything.
4. Say NO to words ‘One More’
Once there were two men lived in a village. One whose name is Mike is a rich person but he was very frustrated with his life. he has everything but not happiness and peace.
Where the second man whose, name was John was a poor person but he was very happy with his life.
When Mike saw, that John has nothing in his life but he is still happy then he became very curious about him. He calls one of his wise friends and tells him about John.
His friend gives him a piece of advice that put a bag full of 99 coins to John land secretly and starts noticing him. Mike did this.
The next day when John found that bag he became very happy. He starts counting coins when he finishes he counts there were 99 coins, so he thinks that it might be a mistake, there must be 100 coins.
He counts those coins many times, sometimes he ends up on 98, sometimes on 96. After many hours, he thinks that one or two coins must be drop downed somewhere else in his land. So, he starts searching for it all over.
By this, he lost all his happiness and peace.
Thus, Mike understands that this evil thought of one more, one more takes our everything.
Later, he tells John everything and sorry him for this.
5. Schedule Your Day
Scheduling a day has many benefits. But the condition is you must schedule it with proper work and breaks.
You should make the proper timing for all the works that you should do on the whole day and must include proper breaks in this busy schedule.
This is because if we start doing something for hours, we feel bored and frustrated. So, to get rid of this schedule your day and see the results yourself.

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6. Clean up Space
When we feel stressed we start getting angry about some small things like our workspace full of messed, table full of mess, etc.
So, it’s important that before starting any work we first clean up all the mess and place things properly. First, it benefits to make our mind happy and second it helps us to stay away from anger.
7. Take Short Break
Whenever you feel like quitting or full of stress, instead of leaving that work just take a short break.
Short breaks make our mind refreshed and give us ideas or solutions to the problems that we are facing.
In this short break, try to avoid all the distractions and just focus on your mind.
Let’s give these tips a shot and let me know how these work for you by writing down your views in the comment section below.

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