5 Simple Ways to Find Peace of Mind in Rough Times

Who doesn’t want to live peacefully? Who doesn’t want to live happily? Who doesn’t want to overcome all their sadness and frustrations?
But the real question is who lives peacefully? There are very few peoples who live their life peacefully and happily! No, it’s not only rich persons.
Happiness, peace doesn’t need any money. All it needs is our satisfaction. How we become happy with what we have is the real key to keep peace in life and in mind.
So, now my question is for you. Are you having a rough time? You have so much work to do and you are frustrated with your life now? You just want to live a life away from all the frustrations, sadness and anger!
Now let me guess, you want these things all, but don’t know how you can achieve these in your life! If so, then don’t worry I am here to help you (as always J)
So, here I will give you my 5 best strategies which I personally used to maintain peace in my life and that will work for you too.
Table Contents:
1. Let the things to which you can’t control.
2. Give the world less damn.
3. Keep yourself away from Negativity.
4. Take a short break.
5. Take a deep breath.
Let’s talk about it in details.

1. Let the things to which you can’t control

Most of the times we stuck to those situations which don’t even have a solution. We think that we could find a solution, but the truth is we are just waiting for a ship at the airport.
If we keep holding to those things, we keep working on those things then we will eventually have to face frustration and sadness.
To keep peace in life and in your mind, too, you should let the things to which you can’t control.
“Sometimes its letting go which is more important than holding on.”

2. Give the World Less Damn

The world is full of those peoples whose only aim is to say bad about you, even if you didn’t have done anything wrong. If you keep listening to them and doesn’t do the things of your love just because of those than you will fill with negativity and frustrations.
What you all need to do is, give a less damn to people. Ignore the world and just focus on your aim, on your dream. Only this is the way by which you can find your peace of mind and happiness.
Just keep in mind that, “When people can’t reach your level they started talking about you.”

3.  Keep Yourself away from Negativity

If there is something bad in one thing, then there will be also something good in that. If there is negativity than there also will be positivity. If there is a demon, then there also will be God.
Everything and everyone has two sides. One is good and the other is bad. But what we see it depends on our vision. What we see it’s all because of our mind, of our thinking.
Let me explain it with a story so that you will understand it better.
There were two salesmen. They work in a shoe manufacturing company. Then one day they both send to a place and the company tells them to send a report back to us noticing if there were any marketing potential. In that place, no one wears shoes. Then the first salesman replied, “There is no potential here, nobody wears shoes here.”
But The second salesman replied, “There is massive potential here, “nobody wears shoes.”
So, what the story tells us?
It tells us that everyone and everything has something good in it, it all depends on us how we look at that.

4. Take a Short Break

Whenever you feel like it’s enough, I can’t do it anymore, don’t quit. Instead of quitting take a short break. You can take a break from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
How does it help?
Taking a short break releases our stress hormone and we eventually feel refreshed. It fills up us with new energy. In short break, you can be laid down on your back and just close your eyes for a while and then you will see the results yourself. Whenever you are stuck in a problem and can’t find any solution, you can do this trick, it will surely help you.
Instead of laying down on your back, you can also do another thing. Just take a short nap. A short nap can reduce alertness, enhance performance and reduce mistakes and accidents.

5. Take a Deep Breath

Whenever you are frustrated, can’t find any solution to a problem just take a break and take a deep long breath. A deep breath is so much powerful than you think. If you won’t believe me, here are some benefits of taking Deep Breaths:
1. It relaxes our muscles.
2. It decreases blood pressure by which helps to lower our tension.
3. It improves oxygen delivery which benefits in increases in mental concentration and physical stamina.
4. Endorphins are released. Deep breathing triggers the release of endorphins, which improves feelings of well-being and provides pain relief.
This is the last tip of today so you can try it right now. Just take a deep breath. And hey, let me know how these things work for you.

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  2. Its like you read my mind! You appear to know
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    I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a
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