How You Can Ignore Everybody and Follow Your Dreams?

How you can ignore everybody and follow your dreams?
You have your dreams; you want to follow them, but every time you start something for it, someone interrupts you and drag you down. Now you are filled with negativity and doesn’t want to do that thing again.
You start some new work but failed because you didn’t know the right way to do it and people make fun of you! Now, what will happen? You again quit that work and think that you will never do that work again.
So, any of these situations look similar to you and you can relate these to yours?
If yes, then this post is going to be very helpful for you.
If you are too doing the things which others love, or by whichothersr didn’t make fun of yours, then sorry to say but you will never pursue your dreams in your life.
If you just do the things which others do, you will not get anything better from them, or maybe you didn’t get anything.
No, I am not frightening you, I am just saying the bitter truth, that you have to know one day. If it’s not today, then maybe on another day.
So, how you can be a man/woman who doesn’t care about the world and do the things of his/her own?
(Don’t take it negative that, I will do the things of my own and you break every single law J)
So, here are my 5 Strategies which works great for me and hopefully will work same for you.

5 Strategies to Ignore Everybody and Follow Your Dreams:

1. Chase Your Dreams, Not Peoples
You may have heard these lines many times, but I know you didn’t have taken it seriously. Am I right?
If yes, then it’s time to change. To achieve your dreams, first, you have to follow them, not unnecessary peoples.
Let’s assume that you wanted to go to Paris, but take a flight to Egypt! Will you reach your destination?
obviously, No!
This is what we are doing with our life. We wanted to achieve our dreams but instead of chasing them, we are chasing peoples.
So, let’s just think once how can you achieve your dreams in this way?
Always keep in mind that no one will be going to work for you, they can only pray for you. But to make your dreams come true, you should work on your own.
2. Make Up Your Mind
Our mind is a very powerful thing. If you use it in the right way, there will be no one to stop you. No one can stop you to achieve your dreams.
Here is an article which will help you to Stay Focused on your Aim and stay away from Distractions
Now what you have to do with your mind?
You should take it to a level where if people leave you, or say something about you, it doesn’t affect you. Your mind should be focused on one. And what is that one?
Yes! Your goal, your dreams.
“A focused mind with right directions is extremely powerful.”-Manish Kumar
3. Take the Courage to Stand Alone
“Stand Apart to be Successful.”
Yes, you should stand alone to be successful. As I said earlier, no one will be going to work for you, they can only pray for you. You must do the hard work on yourself.
But here is another thing. You should make yourself apart from others. You must have the courage to Stand Alone. If you can’t do the things alone, you will not achieve your desires.
Let me explain it with an example.
There are two friends, John and Mike. John was very self-confident, but Mike was a coward.
John has an interest in automobiles, but Mike has an interest in singing. After completing their school education, John decides to make his interest in his career, so he chooses the field of the automobile.
But Mike, he was afraid of standing alone, he doesn’t have the courage to do something on your own. So, what did he do? He too joins the same course as the John chooses.
But later in their life, John succeed but Mike fails.
Because John has an interest in his work and he too has the courage to stand alone. If Mike wouldn’t come to him after his school, it doesn’t make any effect on him. Because he can do the thing on his own.
But where Mike, he afraid to stand apart. He chooses a field in which he doesn’t have any interest and thus fails.
Let’s assume if Mike just takes a step to stand alone after his school and choose to sing, how successful he can become.
Always keep in mind these words, “Be strong enough to stand alone, be yourself enough to stand apart, but be wise to stand together when the times come.”
4. Set Priorities
You should never confuse between your dreams and peoples around you. You must make your dreams your first priority.
You must make up your mind on this thought that no matter what happens, I will stay consistent toward my work and it will always remain my number one priority.
Be consistent towards your work.
No matter what others are doing, you should focus on your own work and Never Give Up
5. Stay Away from Negativity
Negativity is all around us. But hey, where there is negativity there is also positivity. Everyone and everything have two sides. One is good and the second one is bad. But it all depends on us what we see.
Let me explain it with a short example.
There is a glass filled half of water.
The negative one sees that glass as half empty, but the positive one sees that half-filled.
This all depends on our mind.
Focus your mind on positivity, cut down the negative thoughts and peoples from your life and you will see the results yourself.
Instead of just reading this, implement these things in your daily life and let me know how it works for you, by commenting down below.

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