How I Get More by Doing Less? [Secrets to Success]

How i get more by doing less

You work hard all the day, put all the efforts, give your 100% but still didn’t get that many results that you want!

And on another side, there is your competitor who didn’t do work that much but still getting better results than you.
Are you too stuck in this type of situation? You work hard but still didn’t getting any better results?
If this is so, then you should change the way of your work.
A wise man once said, “instead of working harder, work smarter.”
Did you know you can achieve more by doing less?
Seems to be so exciting right! Before you think I am a fool and just talking about shit, here is my quick story how I cut off my workloads and achieve more than before.
After launching off this blog, I work almost 7 hours a day on it. I wrote 4-5 posts per week. But what happened, I didn’t get that many results that I wanted. So, what did I do?
I start working smartly. Now I wrote almost 1 post per week and on other days I promote that post and my blog. And guess what happened? It doubles my traffic and readers as I get before.
Now, you got it right! How working smartly can help you to achieve more than working hard.
But the question is how you can work smartly?
Let me tell you my secrets of achieving more by doing less.

5 Secrets to Achieve More by Doing Less:

achieve more by doing less

1. Make a Plan

Nothing can beat a strong plan. You can’t just do work smartly if you haven’t yet made any plan of your work.
For example, I have made a plan that I will post on every Monday or Tuesday of the week and on other days I will promote that post and my blog. In this way, I attract more visitors to my blog.
This is what you have to do. Make a smart plan for your work which will help you to increase efficiency and reduce workloads.

2. Work on yourself

“Don’t forget to invest in yourself.” –Manish Kumar
You might be thinking what the hell is this means to invest in yourself and why it needs to achieve more.
Let me tell you.
Have you ever noticed that what’s the main difference between a master and a beginner?
It’s the skills which one have.
The master has worked on himself to improve his basic skills, that’s why he achieve more than any other beginner.
Let me tell you about a real-life example.
Brian Dean is the founder of blog Backlinko He just has almost 20 to 30 articles on his blog, but still he makes more than seven figures annual income from that blog (that is just a dream for many bloggers).
How did he do it?
Simple, just by his smart work. Brian is a master of SEO and marketing that’s why he is able to reach this level.
Here is my personal favorite book that I recommend you to read (only if you really want to invest in yourself, then invest wisely here): secrets to success

3. Focus on real value

This is what makes a difference between an ordinary person and a smart person.
Small minds don’t focus on the real value, that’s the reason why they didn’t get a better result and I think that’s what you do too.
You just didn’t focus on the real value and give importance to everything that you see. You just do whatever work you see. You just put all of your efforts without thinking and that’s why you didn’t get a better result.
Now you might be thinking that, Manish what should we do then?
It is so simple. Instead of working harder, just work smarter and focus on those things which going to benefit you. Don’t just waste your energy on doing some waste work, just focus on real value and do the real work.

4. Relax your body as well as the mind

Doing hard work for hours and hours can produce great output. But do you believe me if I said that relaxing your body and mind as well can produce the greatest output?
Believe me or not, but this is the truth.
As I talk about myself, when I wrote 5 to 6 articles per week, usually those articles include just 400 to 600 words.
Because when I work for hours my mind feels lack of creativity and lack of ideas, which reduces the words.
Whereas I compare my old articles to new ones, I see a huge difference. Now each article has words between 800 to 1500. And now articles have more information and are way better than before.
So, why should give your body and mind pain if you can achieve more than that by doing some smart work!

5. Stop multitasking

You might think that if you do much work at one time you can achieve more results. But its a wrong approach.When you start doing multi-tasking you just confuse your mind and thus you can’t get better results in any of the work.

So, it’s better to stop multi-tasking and just focus on real work. Focus on one work which is essential or going to benefit you  (as I said above, just focus on real value).

When you do only one work at a time chances are high that you not going to distract and will do that work with much efficiency and creativity.

But if you still feel that you are being distracted even when you are doing only a specific job, here is an article especially made for you:7 easy ways to stay away from distractions

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