How to Be Your Own Superhero


Since my childhood, I always thought that there are superheroes who save people and help them to get out of their problems. But as I grew up, I realize that there are no superheroes present in this world. I mean not like those who wear a cape and fly here and there and save the world.

I realize that everyone has got their own problems and are busy in their own lives. They have enough of their problems to deal with. So, how can they save me in when their own life is in destruction!

So, I came upon this term ‘Be Your Own Superhero; because no one is coming to save you.’

Well, in this post, I will talk about it and will try to explain it to you how you can be your own superhero.

So, let’s get started:

How to Be Your Own Superhero in 3 major steps:

First of all, before I explain those major points let me explain to you why you should be your own superhero.

So, just take a look at your life. Do you have problems? Does your life seem like hell to you?

Well, have you thought about it that those people (your superhero) you admire who you think will come to you and save you from your problems, may have their own life problems too. I mean there’s your one friend who always helps you to get yourself out from problems, but what if he too has some problems in his life? Is he going to save you first, or himself?

Well, my point is clear. Everyone has got their own lives and are busy dealing with their own life problems. So, if you think someone will be there for you all the time, then you’re completely wrong. Instead of depending upon others, you should find ways to solve your problems on your own.

You can’t always rely on others. You’ve to be independent.

Enough talking. Now let’s talk about the real thing, for which you’re here. That is How to be your own superhero.

1. Don’t rely on others.

As I have talked earlier, and I think it must be pretty clear to you now that you shouldn’t rely on others. I mean if you have got a problem, instead of sitting there in that garbage of problem and waiting for someone to come to you. You should get the hell out of that problem on your own.

Listen to me, if you have got a problem, chances are millions of other people are having it right now, had had it in their past or are going to have it in their future. Well, so, if you think you’re just alone a victim of this problem or you’ve some special kind of bad luck, then you’re wrong.

Stop thinking about it now and most importantly, learn to face your problems on your own. Everyone is busy with their own problems and you should have to realize it. ASAP you realize it, it’s better for you.

2. Ignore what society tells you.

Society, our surroundings, people around us in all over the world have been telling us that what should we do and what we shouldn’t. I mean it’s not a problem only available in India. It’s something which is present in all over the world.

So, I want you to listen to me carefully about it. Now I’m going to tell you what you should do. Just pay really close attention to it, okay!

Well, ignore them!!!

I didn’t care what they say or feel about me. Till I know what I have to do and I have believed in me, I don’t give a fuck about their opinions and about what they feel about me.

I mean it’s a common thing in India that if you want to follow your passion (if it happens to be writing, photography, traveling or something else) then you have to go through against every single individual in the society. I mean here literally everyone tells each other to stop following your passion and just focus on the studies. Which I think is a horrible thing.

I mean listening to what society tells you is like downgrading your superpowers and doubting your own abilities. I just want you to be the kind of person who believe in yourself and who doesn’t care about what others think about him.

Well, just think about it. “How can someone who has never walked in your shoes tell you what you can do or not.”

I mean they don’t know the real you, they don’t know your limits. If people are saying that you can’t do it, then they’re telling you about their limits, not yours.

Got it?

3. Upgrade your superpowers.

Well, nothing I this world can be perfected/upgraded without practice and this implies to your superpowers too. I mean it’s good that you’ve become your own superhero, but what about becoming the ultimate superhero?

Don’t you wanna be that ultimate superhero and have more powerful powers?

Of course, right!

So, here’s the thing. One thing that you should do to being the ultimate superhero is you should believe in yourself, in your abilities and keep learning new things. Keep challenging yourself and keep getting in the troubles.

Now don’t get me wrong when I said that keep getting in troubles, I didn’t mean to get in jail or any other illegal kind of problems. I just mean that do those things more often which challenges you and your abilities.

Like if you’re a writer and you write one article per week, try writing 1 article per day. In this way, you’ll challenge your abilities and eventually, you’ll start growing and seeing more results.

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