5 Important Lessons I Learn When I Move on from Past (with Infographic)

“Everybody’s got a past. The past does not equal the future unless you live there.” –Tony Robbins
Everybody and by everybody, I literally mean everybody, got a past. Everybody got a past, in which they may have suffered from something bad or heartbreaking. Whether it’s a failure or leaving of someone, everybody has faced something.
But it doesn’t matter what has happened to us, what matter is what we do today for making our future better. Your past doesn’t make your future, but your present does.
When you let go your past, believe me, miracles happen. But the condition is you just should move on from your past.
In this post, I will tell you those 5 powerful lessons which I learned and you’ll too gonna learn when you move on from past.

1. You’ll realize what’s good for you and what’s not.

The best thing I have personally learned and you’ll too gonna learn when you move on from your past is, you’ll understand what’s good for you, and what’s consuming or wasting your time.
This is what I have learned now, and I wish I knew it before.
This world is full of fake people, so it’s better to understand who stand by you and who fake you. And the best teacher is the experiences you’ve got in your past.
Don’t take all those bad moments as bad memory or your foolishness, but instead take them as experiences and learn from them.
“Understand who’s down for you, and who’s down for the moment.”

2. Become more optimistic.

If you take your past as experiences, then another great thing will gonna happen to you. And what’s that?
Always keep in mind, “It takes everything to make your life, but it takes nothing and no time to ruin it.”
You’ve got a life, be thankful for it. Instead of just wasting time on your past, look towards your future and work hard to make your life of your dreams.
I personally have experienced that, after moving on from my past, I became more optimistic about my future. In fact, I start this blog after I completely convinced my mind to move one from my past.
“Life becomes wonderful when you stop looking for the previous chapters.”

3. Understand the value of time.

When you live for a purpose, you’ll realize the value of every minute you live.
That’s what has happened to me now. I am working on building my own empire and making the life of my dreams, and believe me, these 12 hours a day seem to be less to me. You won’t believe me, but I work all day and night. Didn’t know but working only on a day wouldn’t satisfy me.
Now, I have realized that time is the most valuable asset and that’s why I work almost all day and night. I didn’t want to lose or waste any of time.
And this is what you’ll to learn when you move on from your past and realize that you’ve just been wasting your time in remembering all those moments. Because at the end of the day, al what matter is, what you achieve today, not how many times you regret past.

4. You’ll value yourself more than anyone else.

When I move on from my past, another great thing I learned is to value myself and my decisions more than anyone else and anyone else decisions in this entire universe.
Now, some call me selfish, some call me rude, but it doesn’t matter for me what they think about me. As long as I love myself and my decisions, it’s enough for me to work hard.
This is what you’ve to understand. If not now, then maybe yesterday, but you must have to understand it.
Because at a point of life, there will be no one to help you or to make you happy. So, it’s better you should be your own sunshine and be your own happiness.
Don’t get dependent on others to make you happy or to help you. All you need to become happy is to yourself. All you have to do is just find that spirit.
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5. Regretting about past is for kids.

Just one question for you.
Are you still regretting your past?
If yes, then sorry to say but you’re nothing else than just a kid.
I mean what’s the point of regretting about your old decisions? Does it gonna change them? Or you’ve some superpowers of changing the past?
Deep inside you know, that past is something you can’t change. But why aren’t you bringing those thoughts into action? Why aren’t you digging all those thoughts out of mind and just move on from your past?
Let it go.
I repeat, let it go.
If you keep looking for the previous chapters, then how can you read out the next chapter of your life? Life isn’t a book. It’s a complete book. It has many chapters, some are good and some are bad, but all you have to do is just keep reading.
And you know what’s the best part of life’s book?
You can write up your own story.
So, what you’re waiting for?
Your story is still waiting to be written.

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