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We are living in an age where social media has become a big thing. I mean nowadays almost everyone is on these social sites like Facebook, Instagram and so on. It doesn’t matter if you’re a teenager or an old age man, nowadays almost everyone is on these sites.

And I am not saying that it’s a bad thing. In fact, idea of creating a social media website to connect people with each other is a great initiative and a good idea.

But now people are overusing it. I mean a case study found out that most teenagers use these social media websites more than 9 hours a day. Don’t you think that’s a hell lot of time to spend on these websites?

Well, every single thing has its side effects when we over use it. And that’s what these websites have. We are now doing things to show it to our followers, buying expensive items just to showcase it to others. In short, we are living a fake life. We are not creating memories wherever we go, we are just creating photographs or stories which we can show to our followers.

In every minute we keep checking our phone, knowing that there will be nothing new, but we keep checking it. Stalking others pictures, getting jealous with them, with their lifestyle, we forget to appreciate what we have in our life.

I just want to say it to you. For once, try to keep your phone aside, instead of taking pictures, try to enjoy that moment, that beauty. Instead of getting jealous with others lifestyle, appreciate what you have. Instead of worrying about how many likes you get, try to live in the right moment and appreciate every single breath that you take.

Because you only live once my friend. Don’t just waste it on some useless things. Because in the end all that matter is how happy you are.

Since my childhood, I always thought that there are
superheroes who save people and help them to get out of their problems. But as
I grew up, I realize that there are no superheroes present in this world. I
mean not like those who wear a cape and fly here and there and save the world.

I realize that everyone has got their own problems and are
busy in their own lives. They have enough of their problems to deal with. So,
how can they save me in when their own life is in destruction!

So, I came upon this term ‘Be Your Own Superhero; because
no one is coming to save you.’

Well, in this post, I will talk about it and will try to
explain it to you how you can be your own superhero.

So, let’s get started:

How to Be Your Own Superhero in 3 major steps:

First of all, before I explain those major points let me
explain to you why you should be your own superhero.

So, just take a look at your life. Do you have problems?
Does your life seem like hell to you?

Well, have you thought about it that those people (your superhero) you admire who you think will come to you and save you from your problems, may have their own life problems too. I mean there’s your one friend who always helps you to get yourself out from problems, but what if he too has some problems in his life? Is he going to save you first, or himself?

Well, my point is clear. Everyone has got their own lives
and are busy dealing with their own life problems. So, if you think someone
will be there for you all the time, then you’re completely wrong. Instead of
depending upon others, you should find ways to solve your problems on your own.

You can’t always rely on others. You’ve to be independent.

Enough talking. Now let’s talk about the real thing, for which you’re here. That is How to be your own superhero.

1. Don’t rely on others.

As I have talked earlier, and I think it must be pretty
clear to you now that you shouldn’t rely on others. I mean if you have got a
problem, instead of sitting there in that garbage of problem and waiting for
someone to come to you. You should get the hell out of that problem on your

Listen to me, if you have got a problem, chances are
millions of other people are having it right now, had had it in their past or
are going to have it in their future. Well, so, if you think you’re just alone
a victim of this problem or you’ve some special kind of bad luck, then you’re

Stop thinking about it now and most importantly, learn to
face your problems on your own. Everyone is busy with their own problems and
you should have to realize it. ASAP you realize it, it’s better for you.

2. Ignore what society tells you.

Society, our surroundings, people around us in all over the
world have been telling us that what should we do and what we shouldn’t. I mean
it’s not a problem only available in India. It’s something which is present in
all over the world.

So, I want you to listen to me carefully about it. Now I’m
going to tell you what you should do. Just pay really close attention to it,

Well, ignore them!!!

I didn’t care what they say or feel about me. Till I know
what I have to do and I have believed in me, I don’t give a fuck about their
opinions and about what they feel about me.

I mean it’s a common thing in India that if you want to
follow your passion (if it happens to be writing, photography, traveling or
something else) then you have to go through against every single individual in
the society. I mean here literally everyone tells each other to stop following
your passion and just focus on the studies. Which I think is a horrible thing.

I mean listening to what society tells you is like
downgrading your superpowers and doubting your own abilities. I just want you
to be the kind of person who believe in yourself and who doesn’t care about
what others think about him.

Well, just think about it. “How can someone who has
never walked in your shoes tell you what you can do or not.”

I mean they don’t know the real you, they don’t know your
limits. If people are saying that you can’t do it, then they’re telling you
about their limits, not yours.

Got it?

3. Upgrade your superpowers.

Well, nothing I this world can be perfected/upgraded
without practice and this implies to your superpowers too. I mean it’s good
that you’ve become your own superhero, but what about becoming the ultimate

Don’t you wanna be that ultimate superhero and have more
powerful powers?

Of course, right!

So, here’s the thing. One thing that you should do to being
the ultimate superhero is you should believe in yourself, in your abilities and
keep learning new things. Keep challenging yourself and keep getting in the

Now don’t get me wrong when I said that keep getting in troubles,
I didn’t mean to get in jail or any other illegal kind of problems. I just mean
that do those things more often which challenges you and your abilities.

Like if you’re a writer and you write one article per week,
try writing 1 article per day. In this way, you’ll challenge your abilities and
eventually, you’ll start growing and seeing more results.

Get my eBook:

Well, still if you need more knowledge and information
about how to be your superhero, then I have written a complete eBook on this

It’s available on the Amazon and is free to Kindle users.

However, if you’re not a Kindle user, you have to pay a
small fee for it. But believe me, it will worth your money. And also it will
help me to write more amazing stuff.

Buy my eBook from here: (Indian readers)

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In my childhood, when I was in school I think I was in 6th standard at that time and we introduced with English language tenses.

You all know what are these
tenses, right?

That past, present and future tenses!!!

Believe me, these tenses are
fuckin nightmares for me. I mean we were told to learn all the rules for each
and every fuckin tense. And I was like, how am I even supposed to do it? Every
single day, I got scolded, I got punished by our English teacher and I was told
that I can never be able to write or speak in English if I didn’t learn these
things. And I think she was right in some way.

It’s not that I hated the English language or even I do not know how to
speak or write in it. It’s just I wasn’t able to memorize all those fuckin
rules of tenses.

By the way, let me tell you
one thing, but promise me you’ll keep it
secret. ‘I still don’t know which helping verb/form of the subject should I use in my sentences. I just
write and speak what I feel is good and believe me, most time it works good and
shockingly, right too!’

But it doesn’t mean that you
should stop reading and just write what your brain thinks is right.

But my point is we get judged
by people so easily here. I mean at that time no one could say that I can be a
writer. And look at me now, blogging and writing on multiple blogs, doing
freelance writing and getting paid to write and most importantly people love
what I write and enjoy reading my articles.

Isn’t it amazing and
unpredictable? You can not judge someone by their looks or by their ability to
perform anything. I mean you may be good
in the English language, but it doesn’t
mean that you can eventually become the best writer. I mean it also takes some
other things to be a writer, you need to be very imaginative, you should know
how to write to get people to stick on
your article and so on.

You just can’t judge someone.
You can never know what they can do and so do you.

Don’t let anyone judging you
and never ever listen to their judging. I mean they just saw one thing from
you. They didn’t know what other things you can do.

So, let’s just be you. Follow
your dreams and most importantly, don’t let anyone tell you what you can become
and what you can’t.

Hope you like it. And if you
like it, then please do share it with your friends and family. 😊

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Since our childhood, we all
have been taught that there's just only two options available. Either you win
or you lose. Either you're a winner or a loser.

But I want you to know it that
it’s all wrong. Everything we have taught until
now is completely wrong. Yes, there are two options, but those are not winning
or losing. Those are winning and trying.

I believe that there's no such
thing as losing, but that is just an
unsuccessful try. Every time I fail at something, I believe that I
didn't lose, I just found out another way that didn't work.

You will never be a failure if
you keep learning from your mistakes. But the day you end up learning and start
thinking you're perfect is the day you stop growing and eventually you'll start

I believe that life is not all
about winning or being perfect. But instead,
it's about keep learning new things and
keep growing.

Albert Einstein once said,
"A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”

So, try out new things, make
mistakes and most importantly keep learning.

One thing is commonly found in
people nowadays is that most people are not happy with their life. Either
they’re not happy with what they’re doing or they’re not happy with their
relationships. These two are the most
common problems found nowadays.

Well, have you ever heard
about the saying that it’s easy to solve the problem if you know the real
reason for that problem?

So, in this post, I will tell
you about some real issues of your sadness. I mean literally, I will tell you why you’re not happy and hopefully you can learn something from it and
hopefully it will make you happy again.

So, let’s dive into it:

5 Reasons Why You Are Not

1. Comparison.

This is one of the biggest problems
of today’s youth and even of some old aged people. I mean you compare your life
way too much with other’s lives and in the
result if they have something better than
you. Then, it will make you mad and unhappy.

I have seen people comparing
their lifestyle with others and in this race, they forget to appreciate what
they’re having right now. Which leads to nothing except, sadness.

Well, you should always
appreciate what you have right now. Because what you have right now, some
people are even dreaming to have it. I mean you have a roof over your head,
good meal on your table and clothes to wear. What else do you need!

The luxury lifestyle is just a myth. You already have a luxury lifestyle if you’re happy with what you have.

“Satisfaction is the pillar of happiness.”

Manish Kumar

2. Overthinking.

One of the biggest and most common
reasons for
unhappiness is none other than overthinking. Most people are unhappy with their
lives because they think too much about every single thing. I mean they give a
damn to every little thing and it leads to sadness.

Well, they think about every
single thing that is happening in their life way too much and most times it creates
problems that don’t even exist there. I mean they create problems in their mind
and worry about them. But in reality, those problems don’t even exist there.

By the way, I have written a post about this topic before, you can check it out from here: 5 Easy Ways to Stop Overthinking

3. Feeling of loneliness.

Another reason that I have seen
in most sad people is they have made up their mind to think that they are alone
and no one loves them. I mean they got a feeling of loneliness, which causes
them sadness.

In most cases, it's not that they are actually lonely or there
is no one to talk to them. It's just they
don’t want to share their thoughts and in return blame others that no one loves
them and leave them every single time.

I too have faced this problem
in my past, it’s like I’m in the crowd, but inside I got feelings of loneliness.
As time passes, I realize, no one really does
care about us. If we have got a problem, we have to solve it on our own. No one
is coming in our lives to save us.

If you too face this kind of problem in your life, then I suggest you read my eBook: How to Be Your Own Superhero. I have covered every aspect in this eBook and I guaranty to you that it will surely help you to solve most problems in your life.

4. Living among negative voices.

We are living in an era where
there’s always someone who always speaks about something negative. I mean
everything is going fine in your life and then suddenly that person came up and
will tell you something negative, which make you think about everything again
and again. And in the result, make you sad.

To set yourself free or away
from these types of voices I didn’t say that you should go to some island and
live your rest of life there alone.

But instead, you should ignore their opinions and give very little to fewer
fucks about their things.

There’s a quote that I truly
follow, it’s “Smile, nod, agree and do whatever you were going to do anyway.”
I suggest you do the same.

Listen to them, nod your head,
agrees with them, but in the end just do whatever you were going to do anyway. Believe
me, you’ll feel much better if you follow this quote in your daily life.

5. Overcomplicating life.

“Life is pretty simple. But we insist on making it complex.”

This is the reality of today’s people. I mean we keep
making our life complex, but in reality, it’s pretty simple. We keep thinking
about our past and future too much that we forget to live in the present.

See, life is pretty simple All
you have to do is appreciate what you have, do what you want to do, follow your
goals and live a simple happy life with your family away from the negative

But what we do?

Exactly it's the opposite.
Instead of appreciating what we have, we are comparing our life with others too
much and we forget to appreciate what we have. Instead of following our goals,
we are doing what others want us to do. Instead of living away from the
negative voices, we are giving way too many
fucks about their opinions and in results making our lives sadder and complex.

Well, there’s nothing complicated
in our lives. We are the one who has made issues with every single thing in our
life. We are the one who has
overcomplicated our life.

Think about it again. Hope from
now on, you’ll keep your life simple and will stop overcomplicating very little

Thanks for reading.

Please do share it with your friends/family if you like it.

So, 2018 is finally over and here comes the 2019. Let’s welcome 2019 cheerfully and I hope this year will bring all the peace and happiness you needed. Most people will start their 2019 with new resolutions and goals. And if you’re like them wish you a very good luck and hope you achieve your desired goals in this year.

Well, let me be real honest
with you. From over the year every time in the beginning of a new year I set
new resolutions for the year but ended up being failed to achieve them.

So, if you’re like me, then
you know the pain and real struggle what behind it.

But this year will be going to
be different.


I will achieve my goals in
this year working with consistency and hard work.

No, I’m not joking. I will surely gonna achieve my goals and gonna fulfill my resolutions.

So, in this post, I will talk
about how I am going to achieve my goals and resolutions, and how you can do
the same.

First let’s talk about those
things which I have learned from the 2018.

Lessons of 2018:

1. Time Management

In last year, I decided to
write two articles for my blog in every single week. But I ended up writing 2
to 4 articles per month.

One thing that I have learned from previous year experiences that I should have to manage my time more efficiently. It was not that I didn’t know what I should write, but it was I didn’t have time to write articles.

In 2018 I spent so much of my time at reading books and other blogs and promoting my blog content, instead of writing new content.

Well, that tactics work fine
when it comes to overall growth of my blog, but I ended up giving less value to
you all, that’s what made me sad.

So, in 2019, I will spend more
time writing articles/making content for you all and will try to give as much
value as I can give you. In this year, I will try to write 2 articles per week.
Let’s me know in the comment section what you think about it.

2. Prioritize Things Wisely.

In 2018, I spend most of time
and even money on things that don’t even benefit me. And that’s what I think is
one of the big mistake I made in 2018. I didn’t priorities things and that cost
me my time and money too.

So, 2019 will going to be
different. In 2019, I will priorities things and will going to spend my time

I will spend most of times on
valuable things and will spend less time on useless things. I think you should
too adopt this approach.

If you don’t know where to start and how you can prioritize things in your life, then read this article: How to Stay Focus on Your Aim It will help you to do so.

3. Spend Less Time on Social

2018 was the year which I
spend most in Instagram. Didn’t wanna lie to you, I do care about the number of
followers I have and I tried really hard to gain more followers.

And there’s one thing I learn.

“Followers will come if you provide value to them.”

Manish Kumar

I spend several hours trying
to do several things which can get me followers, instead of creating quality

So, this year will be going to
be different.

I will spend less time on
social media (in gaining followers) and will spend most my time providing
really great content to you all guys.

So, if you’re excited to see my content, then do follow me on Instagram at @nightowl.quotes

4. It’s Good to Be Alone.

One most important thing that
I learn is that it’s good to be alone. Well, 2018 was the year where I was too
busy in my work, that I get alone. I mean I literally get alone and out of the

Where everyone was partying at
that time, I was here writing for you all guys. No disrespect and no offence, I
really love to write for you guys and will keep writing.

But one thing that I have
learned is, it’s good to be alone. I have spent some quality time alone (in

I realize that if I really
want to succeed, I should have to work really hard, hard than anybody else. And
that’s what I do. And I am proud of me that I didn’t give up on blogging and keep

So, the bottom line is:

“If you’re too alone, fighting for your dreams. Keep fighting alone. It will be worth it in the end.”

Manish Kumar

So, these are some things which I have learned in 2018.

Here's an article that you should read: How to Be Happy When You Are All Alone

Now, let’s talk about how you
can keep your new resolutions and how you can stick to that.

How to keep up with your new
year’s resolution:

Keeping up with new year’s resolution
is a thing most of us can’t do. But this year will going to be different. 2019
will be the year where we will achieve our dreams and will keep up with our

Repeat with me, ‘this year I will achieve my dreams and will keep up with my resolutions.’

Now this being said, let’s
talk about how you can actually keep up with your resolution:

1. Keep it simple.

Sometimes people set their new
year resolution as something which is nearly possible in small term. I mean to
be a millionaire. It doesn’t mean that you can’t be a millionaire, but it’s not
something that you became overnight, and you have to understand it.

Keep your resolution as simple
as it can be, and then it will become easy too to achieve.

2. Be realistic.

There’s nothing wrong in
aiming big or setting your resolution big. But the thing is you should need to
be realistic. Otherwise it will be an easy way to disappointment and anger,
when you fail to achieve that.

So, one simple tip is, be realistic with your resolution. Set clear short-term goals and after achieving them move on to next.

That’s the right way.

3. Make notes.

If you’re like me, then you’ll
sure have a problem in memorizing things. I mean one time I know what I should have
to do after it, and in the next moment I forgot that.

Maybe because I have ADHD or I
don’t know.

But if you’re like me, then
you should make notes for your work. This is something I am doing and believe me
it has helped me a lot.

I make notes for every single
important work, so there’s no point then to forget that.

Like I have made note for
writing this post for 1st January too.

So, start making notes now,
and let me know how it change your daily life.

4. Treat yourself.

One thing that I have found is
that whenever someone win at something they usually want to win more and more.
It’s like an addiction.

So, treat your goals like your
addiction. I mean whenever you complete a goal, treat yourself for it. In this
way, you’ll stay motivated and will keep doing more and more with consistency.

5. Try not to give up.

Well, let me tell you one
thing that I believe in. I don’t believe in never give up. I mean if you’re
waiting for your Hogwarts letter to come, then I think you’ll have to wait your
whole life.

The point is you should think
about your plan and work, that whether you’re doing it correctly or not. If you
keep doing in wrong way then you’ll never gonna succeed.

So, try not to give up on your
new year’s resolution, but if you’re doing it wrongly. Then you should better
give a check on it and try again.

That’s it. Hope these tips
will going to help you.

Happy New Year 2019.

I believe that life is meaningless without a real purpose. I mean what’s the point of waking up every single morning if you don’t even have a purpose in life. By purpose, I simply mean your aim or your dream that you want to achieve badly.

I knew many people personally, who tells me that they don’t even know what they want to achieve in life. If you’re too like them and don’t even know what’s your purpose in life. Then, this post is for you.

I believe that each individual is born different and have a different mindset. If I like something, it doesn’t mean that you also gonna like it. You may have some other interest.

And this is what happens when it comes to finding your passion.

How You Can Find your Passion?

For me, I like to write and love to code websites. For me, it’s a fun thing to do. But it doesn’t mean that others like it too. I have seen people who hate writing. (I will not surprise if you’re too one of them. 😊)

So, everyone has their own passion and interest. But the thing is how can one find that passion?

Well, if you know what you love to do, and there’s a good market in that thing. Then, you’re good to go. Just go out there and follow your passion.

But if you’re like those who don’t have any single clue what they want to do in their life, or what they love to do, then there comes the real problem.

But don’t worry, I will help you to solve your problem and I promise if you follow all the tips I give you in this post, you’ll know your purpose in life.

Here are my 5 tips that you should follow to know your real purpose or passion:

1. Write down all the things you love to do.

Well, you have to face it. We are all good in some things, the thing is some of us don’t even know in what we are good at. Those who find out in their early age these things and focus on it are those who master their passion in upcoming years.

Sit down comfortably in a quiet place and think about all those things you do in your day. Now think what you really love to do and just write these things down.

It doesn’t matter if it seems silly to you, just write down everything that you love to do. And at the end of this process, you’ll see how much things you can do or love to do.

Here is an article that you should read: 3 Actionable Tips to Find Your Passion

2. Think about what you can do in your whole life.

I think the only way to truly find your passion or you can say dream work is just thought what you can do in your whole life happily. I mean I choose to blog because I love to do it and I enjoy it. I can do this my whole life without any hesitation and that’s why I choose it.

So, if you’re going to find a job, or starting a new business, think once, can you do that job for rest of your life happily?

And if your answer is NO, then it’s pretty clear. You should do something else.
I mean there’s just only one life. So, do you really wanna spend it on some work that you don’t even like to do!

Think about it carefully and you’ll see how your perspective towards things will change.

Here's an article that you should read: One Life, No Regrets

3. Explore your interest.

I know I know you don’t know what’s your interests are. But that’s what I’m saying you to explore. Exploring your interest is the best way to find your passion. In fact, I too found my interest of writing and blogging through this.
So, what you have to do?

Just try out different things here and there. For example, try out blogging, try out making YouTube videos, try out singing and so on.

Who knows what you eventually gonna love and will spend the rest of life doing that work.

4. Break up with the ‘ONE’.

Another solid reason why most people don’t even love what they’re doing or can’t even find their passion is they try to find that ‘one’ best thing that they love.

I mean we keep looking for that one thing but, in this process, we keep feeling that something is missing.

When you’re living your life on your purpose then you should live it with your rules. I mean do whatever the heck you wanna do. Don’t just suppress yourself to do one thing, or don’t keep looking for that one thing.

That feeling that something is missing goes away when you lead a passion-filled life. The need to seek our purpose comes from a lack of passion. When you don't feel connected to your life, you lack purpose and passion. To fix this emptiness simply add more passion.

5. Keep doing things that you love to do.

When you keep doing things that you love to do and eventually if you start getting seen results from your work, then, believe me, you’ll do that thing more and more.

Just take an example of blogging. You love to blog, but you’re not sure whether you can continue with it or not. So, if you keep doing it and one day you see some results from it, then believe me all your doubts get clear and you’ll start doing it more and more.

The only thing is you need to be consistent towards your work.

Now you have got my point. If you are already doing some things, then keep doing them with consistency and try to improve your skills. When you start seeing results from your work, you eventually going to love your work.

So, this is it. Hope you love this article and found it helpful.

If you love it, then please do share it with those who need to read this.
Thanks. 😊

Don’t take me wrong, being kind is one of the best things you can do if you do it without the aim/sake of any profit. We should be kind for no reason.

But in this post, I want to talk about something different.

I want you to believe in that being a little bit selfish is beneficial for us. And in this post, I will talk about it.

So, before you start judging me, just wait and read this post. I am sure I will make my point clear to you and you too will start thinking in the way I think.
So, let’s dive into it.

How Being Selfish is Beneficial?

Have you ever been into a situation when someone asks you for a favor and you really don’t wanna do that work, but you’re so kind that you can’t deny their request and just agreed to do whatever they say?

Well didn’t know about you, but I personally have faced this situation in my past many times. I had a lot of my stuff to do, but the thing was I didn’t know how to say ‘NO’ to them. I thought they might get offended or will start to hate me if I didn’t do their job. So, what I do?

Yes! I simply just agreed to them and do whatever they ask.

I always think later that why I didn’t say NO to them, and I thought that I am so kind and maybe this was the reason. But let me tell you one thing.

This isn’t called being kind. This is called being fooled.

I just want to tell one thing. I am not going to teach you about social morals or your social responsibilities. I am here to tell you about the harsh truth of society and how you can live in this cruel world.

Here people are not as kind as you. They’ll use you and when their work gets done, they’ll eventually forget you. Believe me, I have faced this many time.

But again, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t help anyone or don’t be kind. I want you to be kind, but at the same time, I want you to know your value and your priorities.

You should set priorities in your life and should follow them strictly.

There’s nothing more important than yourself and you should be aware of it. Don’t let other downgrade your value and never let them control you.

Here’s an article that you should read How to Stop Saying YES When You Want to Say NO

How You Can Be Selfish?

Now again don’t get me wrong and be literally selfish. I mean selfish in a way that you’re able to say NO and being able to choose yourself first.

I have seen this many time and don’t wanna lie to you, I have faced this too that I just can’t say NO to someone.

For someone, saying no is not a big deal. But if you’re like me, then you can understand this feeling. Want to say NO, but our brain somehow managed us to say YES and we end up saying YES and then regret about it later.

Didn’t know anyone else faces this situation too or it’s just me! (After all, I think I am a little bit weird.)

So, now comes the question that how I can be this selfish that no one gets hurts by my actions/words and I still somehow manage to choose myself first.

Here are some things which I have done and still do, and which you can do too:

1. Speak Softly and Calmly.

Instead of just saying them NO harshly or you can say rudely. You can simply speak gently, softly and calmly to them.

You can explain to them why you can’t help them with their work but be kind in this process. You didn’t want to hurt them.

Tell them that you have your own personal issues/work to complete and that’s why you can’t help them now.

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2. Say You’ll Help Them Later.

Say you’ll help them later, but you should really mean it. I have seen many people saying that they’ll help other later, but don’t do anything.

Don’t be like them and if you say it, then you should really mean it.

3. Know Your Priorities.

You should set priorities in your life and believe me your own self should be on the top of your list. Chose you and your goals over everything, that’s how you can succeed and can become happy here.

Don't let others distract you from your way to success. There'll be many distractions in your way, all you have to do is to follow your goals and don't choose anyone or anything over your goals.

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By saying being selfish I don’t literally mean that go and be selfish. Ignore every other person and just do your own work. NO!

By being selfish I mean to know about your priorities and when you should say NO to others. Most times you can only be happy by choosing yourself over anything else and that is what you have to understand.

“If you really want to be happy, you need to be a little bit selfish.” -Manish Kumar

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One question that keeps hitting my mind is, should I care about what others are saying about me or my work? I mean should I care about their opinions?

Well, didn’t know about you, but I personally didn’t really care about others opinions. I mean unless they are going to benefit me.

If they say me you should stop this blogging thing and should focus on your studies and try to get a job, I just completely ignore them. They really didn’t have any idea about what I am doing and how’s it going to help me in the future. I have a dream, which no one believes and see, but only me.

If you’re too like me and have a dream which you want to achieve but your surroundings keep saying that you should stop it and focus on something else, then this post is for you. You’ll be going to get an idea about what you should do in this situation and what is going to be best for you.

So, let’s talk about the first thing first,

Should you listen to their opinions?

Well, it depends. I mean if they’re saying something that’ll be going to benefit you, then keep it in mind. There’s nothing wrong in listening to someone else opinion. You should keep your ego by side and should listen to them.

But if they’re saying something bullshit like stop this work and focus on your studies or something else, then here’s a thing, ‘just completely ignore them.’

If you have got a dream, and you think it has a great future, then don’t listen to anyone in this world. Just focus on your dreams and keep working consistently. There should be only one voice, that is yours.

It doesn’t matter how big your dream is. You have got the power to achieve that dream, and you have to believe it. There’s nothing impossible in this world if you wanna achieve your dream, then go for it. Don’t listen to anybody who is telling you to stop.

Misconception about success.

There’s always been a misconception in our surroundings that we only get succeed by studying in college or universities. From the very beginning, they teach us that if we want to succeed in life, then we have to study and have to get good grades.

Well, I didn’t say that studying is a bad thing, in fact, I love studying. But the thing is those school grades won’t make us successful, but our abilities and our skills make us successful.

This word ‘success’ means different to every other individual. For you, it may be to get a good stable job, for your brother it may be to be a great singer, and for me, it is to be a great entrepreneur and leave a legacy behind.

So, if you just want a good job, then studying should be your priority, but if you’re like me, then you’ll know that there’s so much knowledge outside from those school books and we have to explore that.

I just want to break this misconception that success only can get from good grades.

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and so on. Do you know all these millionaires are college dropouts and haven’t graduated from the college!

So, there’s no point telling others that success can only be achieved by good grades.

Is your dream worth it?

There’s no point in ignoring the whole world if your dream is not worth it. I mean if your dream won’t going to make a living for you, then what’s the point of ignoring others?

I mean just be practical here. You have to make money if you want to live. So, if your dream is not going to make a living out for you, then you should listen to what others are saying.

Now don’t get me wrong, but I am just being real with you. I don’t want you to starve. So, it’s better you should listen to what others are saying and do something which will be going to benefit you financially.

You can always achieve your dream, but keep it in mind, that dream should be worth your hard work and ignorance.

“Dreams are not achieved by hard work only. But it takes consistency, ignorance, and failures too.” -Manish Kumar

Keep your ego on a side.

I saw many people who just don’t listen to what others are saying just because of their ego. Just because they don’t want someone to guide them. I mean what’s the point of it? What are you trying to show to the world?

Ego, attitude all these things won’t give you anything, except people’s hate. Self-respect is must, but ego is another thing. You should know the difference between these two.

There’s nothing wrong or to be ashamed if someone teaches you something. It doesn’t matter if they’re elder from you or are younger from you. We just can’t know all the things and there’s nothing wrong in being taught by a younger person.

So, if you’re one of them who ignore others opinion just because they’re younger or you just have some ego issues, then sorry to say my friend, but you’ll never going to grow. We grow by making mistakes and learning from them. But if you’re one of them who don’t want to be seen as a failure then you’ll never be going to grow.

“Winner and losers both fail. It’s just winners who learn from his mistakes and try again.”


So, in short, you should listen to others if they’re right. And now don’t say that how can I find out that how will I know that if they are right or wrong!

If you think your dreams are worth ignorance, then go for it. But if your dreams are not worth it, then its time to put a full stop and you should listen to what are sayings.

And you should never ignore others just because you have some ego issues. Be a kind person, and if you’re wrong then admit it and listen to what are sayings.

Hope you like it. Please do share it with someone who needs to read this. And let me know in the comment section below do you listen to other’s opinions?


Didn’t know about you, but I can’t just live in regrets. I mean there is just only one life and tell me one thing, do you want to live your whole life in some regrets?

For me, it’s a big fuckin NO.

I think that’s one of a reason why I keep hustling all the time because in my late 30’s or 40’s I don’t wanna live in regrets. I want to achieve something big and for it, I will do whatever it takes.

So, in today’s post, I will talk about this topic and will be going to share my opinions.

Live in reality.

Just tell me one thing, do you believe that you’ll get another life? Do you think that you’ll get another chance?

Hell no!

There’s just only one life and you have to realize it. I mean if you wanna be a singer, go for it. If you wanna be a painter, go for it. But don’t just let your dreams for next day. The irony of life is that death is unpredictable. It may seem a little bit rude or harsh to you, but this is true. I mean no one can predict their death or future.

Talking about myself, I wanna be a blogger and an entrepreneur, so I am working for it now. I can’t just let this work for tomorrow or on some other day because I know or you can say realize that I can be dead at any moment.

Well, it’s the harsh truth of life and you’ve to realize it. If you wanna do something, do it now. There’s nothing like tomorrow or the next day. There’s just only today.

Living in Regrets.

I would rather want to live in the failure, instead of living in the regrets of not even trying. I mean if I want to do something, if I want to achieve something, I will work or it. It may seem impossible to you, but for me, it’s my dream and I will do whatever it takes to achieve it.

If you say that hey Manish! Just forget about it, you can’t achieve it. Well, fuck you. I didn’t ask for your opinion. I have belief in myself, and that's what you needed too.

Well, just think about it. You sitting on a chair in your late 30’s or 40’s, thinking about all those opportunities you missed when you were young. Do you really wanna spend the rest of your life in that fuckin regret?

If not, then do something about it.

Get out from your comfort zone and work hard. I know a comfort zone is a beautiful place and you want to play safe, but listen! Nothing ever grows in the comfort zone and if you want to achieve something big, then you have to get out from your safe zone. You have to take the risk.

“Take the risk, that’s where legends are made.”

Keep it in mind, “in the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.”

There’s only one fuckin life. Do something about it, my friend.